Japan seeks to invest in infrastructure in Mexico

Japanese Ambassador Yasushi Takase offered Mexico a high-quality experience and an improved business environment in telecommunications.

Japan seeks to invest in infrastructure in Mexico
Japanese looking to invest in infrastructure in Mexico. Photo: Pxfuel

The Secretariat of Communications and Transportation (SCT) held the first Mexico-Japan Rapprochement Meeting, with the participation of the Japanese ambassador, to discuss the interest of that country in investing in infrastructure and communications projects. The head of the SCT commented that Mexico is very interested in having Japan's technological experience and exchanging ideas and practices between both countries.

Japanese Ambassador Yasushi Takase reaffirmed the interest of Japanese companies in participating in national infrastructure and telecommunications projects in urban transportation, smart cities, and telecommunications. He also commented on the importance of Japan in Mexico, where it ranks fourth in investment and first as an Asian country in investment.

"Currently the Japanese Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Mexico annually surveys its users to know the areas of opportunity they face in terms of ports, airports, railroads, and highways," added the ambassador.