AMLO's Morning Conference Highlights Developments in the State of Mexico and More

Catch up on the latest developments in Mexico as President AMLO covers infrastructure projects, fuel prices, environmental initiatives, and more in his morning conference.

AMLO's Morning Conference Highlights Developments in the State of Mexico and More
President López Obrador highlights the importance of improving public transportation in the State of Mexico during his morning conference.

In another edition of his lively morning conference, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) covered a wide range of topics, from infrastructure developments in the State of Mexico to fuel prices and environmental initiatives. Let's dive into the highlights of today's session.

Public Transportation in the State of Mexico

AMLO began by emphasizing the importance of the hard-working people of the State of Mexico and the need to improve public transportation. He acknowledged that the construction of the Mexico-Toluca Train has been a complex and costly endeavor but assured that it is expected to be completed by March 2024. Additionally, he mentioned the ongoing construction of a trolleybus route from Chalco to Santa Martha, aimed at enhancing commuting efficiency for the residents.

Transition to IMSS Bienestar System

Shifting gears to the health sector, the President expressed his intention to transition the State of Mexico to the IMSS Bienestar system. He reiterated the commitment to regularize all healthcare workers throughout the country, citing the inspiring example of a teacher who started as a group teacher in Texcoco and gradually progressed to become a principal. AMLO stressed the non-political nature of her journey, highlighting her dedication to serving the community.

Mexican Migrants at the Northern Border

AMLO proudly shared the news of a decline in Mexican migrants attempting to enter the United States irregularly. He attributed this positive trend to the programs initiated by his administration and the economic revitalization within Mexico. The President recalled the support provided to the countryside and pensions for senior citizens as crucial elements in ensuring the well-being of the population.

Honoring Ricardo Rocha and Dora María Pérez Vidal

Expressing his condolences, AMLO paid tribute to journalist Ricardo Rocha, who recently passed away at the age of 76. He shared a video of Rocha interviewing him during a Chontal protest in Tabasco, highlighting the journalist's significant contributions to journalism education.

Furthermore, the President expressed his support for the construction of a statue honoring the late singer Dora María Pérez Vidal, fondly known as "La chaparrita de oro," in her hometown of Tabasco. This gesture recognizes the artist's immense impact on Mexican music and culture.

Water Projects and Elections

Addressing water-related projects, AMLO emphasized the priority given to the state of Tamaulipas in the allocation of water resources. He reaffirmed the commitment to recycle water from Aqueduct 2 and return it for irrigation purposes in Tamaulipas. Furthermore, the President pledged to leave Nuevo León with a robust water infrastructure that would prevent a water crisis over the next decade.

As the conversation turned to politics, AMLO stressed the importance of strengthening democracy in Mexico as a way of life. He urged the media not to falsely claim independence while maintaining biased positions. The President reiterated that the people would ultimately decide who represents Morena in the upcoming presidential elections in 2024, dismissing any notion of internal party favoritism.

Elections 2023 and Irreversible Change

AMLO congratulated the citizens who actively participated in the recent elections in Coahuila and the State of Mexico. While acknowledging that some complaints could still be filed, he commended the peaceful nature of the electoral process and the absence of significant post-electoral protests. The President noted the political composition of the states, with Morena leading in 22 states, followed by other parties such as the Green Ecologist Party of Mexico (PVEM), Citizen Movement, PRI, and PAN.

Reflecting on Mexico's political composition, AMLO highlighted the irreversible changes brought about by his administration. He emphasized that democracy did not exist in Mexico before, as the government was controlled by an oligarchy. The President underscored the importance of a revolution of consciences and a change in mentality, stressing that these transformations are already underway and must continue.

Electric Transportation in Yucatán and Mega-Works

Turning the spotlight to Yucatán, AMLO announced the replication of the electric transportation system implemented in Yucatán in the neighboring state of Campeche. This initiative will connect the Mayan Train in Campeche to the historic center of the state, further expanding the reach of sustainable transportation in the region.

Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal of Yucatán highlighted several significant public works in the state, including the expansion of the Port of Progreso and the ongoing construction of the Mayan Train. With an investment of over 3,063 million pesos, these projects are aimed at enhancing the region's infrastructure and fostering economic development.

Celebrating World Environment Day

María Luisa Albores, Secretary of the Environment, commemorated World Environment Day by presenting a video showcasing the environmental advancements achieved under the current administration. Notably, new Natural Protected Areas were declared, including Peña Colorado in Querétaro, Sierra de San Miguelito in San Luis Potosí, and Lake Texcoco in Mexico City. These efforts reflect the government's commitment to environmental preservation and sustainable practices.

Archaeological Salvage and Mayan Train Progress

Diego Prieto, the director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), shared exciting updates on the archaeological salvage conducted along Section 3 of the Mayan Train route. The salvage efforts have recovered numerous real estate structures, including buildings, squares, roads, and foundations, along with well-preserved movable goods such as vessels, plates, figurines, and sculptures. The artifacts will be utilized to establish the Puuc Archaeological Museum and a Site Museum in Uxmal, further enriching Mexico's cultural heritage.

Meanwhile, work on Section 3 of the Mayan Train, spanning from Cancliní to Izamal, is progressing rapidly. Authorities have implemented three shifts per day to ensure its timely completion by December. The project has generated approximately 11,000 jobs, contributing to local economic growth and development.

ABC Day Care Center Aftermath

Fourteen years after the tragic fire at the ABC Day Care Center that claimed the lives of 49 babies and left over 100 injured, Alejandro Encinas, Undersecretary of Human Rights, Population, and Migration, assured the public that the federal government has remained committed to addressing the aftermath of the incident. Various departments have been actively engaged in providing support and assistance to the victims and their families. Resolutions have been issued in favor of direct victims, offering psychological services, medical attention, social work, and educational support. The ongoing efforts signify the government's dedication to justice and the comprehensive recovery of those affected.

Fuel Prices and Basic Food Basket

Ricardo Sheffield, the head of the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Profeco), reported on the recent fuel prices and the stability of gasoline costs over the past year. He highlighted that last week, the average price of regular gasoline was 22.28 pesos per liter, premium gasoline stood at 24.40 pesos per liter, and diesel was priced at 23.66 pesos per liter.

Sheffield also mentioned that LP gas remained below the international average, with a price of 16.85 pesos per kilogram per cylinder, while stationary gas averaged 9.09 pesos per liter. Regarding the basic food basket, prices have remained stable, with the highest cost observed in the Miguel Hidalgo district of the Wal-Mart store, where the 24 products of the basic basket were priced at 1044.20 pesos.

As the morning conference came to a close, AMLO reiterated his commitment to the continued transformation of Mexico. He emphasized that these changes are irreversible and expressed the need to move forward with the process of positive societal change.

With his trademark energy and conviction, President López Obrador covered a wide range of topics, providing updates on infrastructure projects, environmental initiatives, and social welfare programs. His straightforward approach resonated with the audience, creating an engaging and informative session.

And that concludes another eventful morning conference led by President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, where he shared the latest developments, addressed pressing issues and reaffirmed his commitment to a better Mexico. Until the next conference, stay tuned for more updates on the country's progress under the leadership of AMLO.