Immediate loans, immediate problems

Find out how the immediate loan management companies operate and do not become a victim of fraud.

Immediate loans, immediate problems
Quick loans, instant problems. Photo by Daniel Thomas / Unsplash

Immediate loan management companies are intermediaries between an applicant and a financial institution (bank). They offer immediate loans, without collateral or guarantee.

Identify fraudulent companies

The information about the service they provide is not clear and accurate.
They ask for minimum requirements and offer attractive sums of money.
They only commit themselves to performing administration and paperwork services before a bank.
They require payment of commissions and fees for investigation services but never deliver the loan.
In their advertising, they assure that, for the granting of credit, it is not necessary to comply with a guarantor or prove economic income.
They offer not to verify the credit history before the credit information companies; they guarantee the immediate delivery of the loan.
They advertise nationally through the print media or by "flyering", offering supposedly immediate solutions to financial problems.

Avoid major problems

Do not answer phone calls, emails, or WhatsApp messages offering immediate loans.
Do not make deposits for credit opening commission or paperwork and paperwork - Read the terms and conditions under which they offer their services.
Don't give personal documents or credit or debit card information - Before paying the processing fee, make sure the credit is viable.
If you are looking for a loan or financing, do it before a formal financial institution. Consult the national commission for the protection and defense of financial services users, so you know which companies are duly authorized by banking or credit institutions and third parties.

The main claims against these companies are to rescind the contract, deliver the money offered, and return the payments previously made.