How to take care of your budget on Valentine's day

If you want to keep your eyes on the money, you can't allow love to blind you. Keep your money safe from Cupid's advances.

How to take care of your budget on Valentine's day
Make sure you don't overspend on Valentine's Day. Photo by Pawel Czerwinski / Unsplash

The Day of Love and Friendship is on February 14, and it is one of the days that many people around the world look forward to the most. Cupid is busy in the windows of big department stores and even corner stores, where deals are dressed up with red hearts and roses.

Beware! Not everything ends in love and happiness. If you don't handle your money well, you could put it at risk and get into so much debt that not even Cupid could save you. At some point, we all probably think about what to get our partner or a good friend who makes us feel good as a gift.

Take care of your budget

Make a plan

Anticipate the expenses you will make on this date. With the help of a budget, you will know in detail what your income is, as well as your debt capacity.


Do not use this date as a pretext to make unmeasured purchases. There are different ways to show affection to your partner. Something novel is to give a savings account or insurance, which is not an expense, but an investment so you will protect her in case of an unexpected event.


Nowadays there are many options in the market to find the perfect gift. Don't forget to check the same product with different suppliers and choose the one that fits your purchasing possibilities and payment method.

Say no to the credit cards

Do not take lightly paying with your credit card, because if you overdo it, it will be more difficult to cover the amounts of the debt. Remember that many small purchases make a big one.

Don't put your credit history at risk

Keep in mind that interest-free purchases compromise your future income, and try to pay off the total amount of your balance by the payment deadline.


This is possible if you reduce expenses, it is not about throwing your wallet out the window, thinking that the year is just beginning, and saving for future important dates can be a great help.

How to celebrate the Day of Love and Friendship?

Some people don't like this holiday because they don't think they have anyone to celebrate it with, but the truth is that there isn't a good way to celebrate this date. The best way is to do things with the people you love the most that you will never forget. So, here are four trips to help you get closer to your friends.

Movie night

A tried-and-true way to have fun. On this day, you can plan a movie night with the people you care about most, and it's much easier to use streaming services. You don't have to spend a lot of money because everyone can bring their food and snacks to eat while watching their favorite movie.


No matter where you live, there are probably many parks or other places where you and your friends can have a picnic. This is a good way to spend time outside, soak up the sun, and talk with friends. So that nothing goes wrong, it's important to think about where to celebrate, what kind of food to bring, and what you can do to make the day unique and memorable.

Massage session, an anti-stress experience

Even though it might seem like a great thing to do with your partner, it's a great thing to do with your friends. There are now companies that will come to your home and install everything you need, so you don't have to leave your house and can have a relaxing time. Set a budget, and then look for options that fit within that budget.

No matter what you do on February 14, remember that you don't have to spend money to show how much you care.

If you want to buy something, don't wait until the last minute. This could cost you more money. And if you're not sure about your purchase, you can ask a sales representative for help. Also, don't forget to check to see if your purchase has extra fees for shipping, sales terms, taxes, or ways to pay.

The love tale of Cupid.
Photo by Volodymyr Tokar / Unsplash

Cupid's love story

Cupid is the most famous character associated with February 14, but not many people know his story. Cupid is the god of love in Greek mythology. He is the son of Venus and Mars and is known for his two arrows, one of which gives love and the other which gives hate or indifference. Because his ability to give love goes straight to the heart, the red heart is the best symbol for this day.

Psyche, the third daughter of a king, is the main character in Cupid's love story. The mortal was beautiful, but she couldn't find a partner because all men thought she wasn't good enough for them. Venus was jealous that men liked Psyche's beauty more than hers, so she sent Cupid to shoot her with arrows and make her fall in love with the worst man in the world. However, when Cupid saw the woman, he forgot what his mother wanted and fell in love with her instead.

Cupid married Psyche, even though his mother didn't agree. The couple met every night in the dark and said goodbye during the day because they were not allowed to see each other because Cupid would never see her again if he did. The jealousy and plotting of Psyche's sisters caused her to see Cupid's face, which broke up their love. After Venus put up with many problems and obstacles, Zeus told Venus to let the lovers meet again on Mount Olympus.

Cupid is often shown with a blindfold because of this story. This shows that true love is blind and comes from the soul, not the body.