How to store tortillas in the refrigerator

Extend the life of your tortillas with these tips and you'll be amazed at how long they last.

How to store tortillas in the refrigerator
Ways to store tortillas in the refrigerator. Photo by Sergio Contreras / Unsplash

Tortillas are an essential part of the Mexican diet. We use them in countless dishes (enchiladas, chilaquiles, beans, tacos)... According to the magazine Sciences of the UNAM, corn tortillas provide 10 percent of protein and contain essential amino acids, among other properties.

There are different types of tortillas, the most famous is the corn tortilla, which is prepared in different ways, as they can be white, yellow, blue, and even red, its shape can be round or oval.

There are also flour tortillas, which are consumed more in the north of the country, these began to be prepared after the arrival of the Spaniards to the country, they are prepared from refined or whole flours.

And cactus tortillas, which are made from cactus flour and corn flour, provide fewer carbohydrates and more fiber, so they are ideal for people looking to lose weight. To make tortillas last longer and not dry out or become hard before their time, here is the best way to store them in the refrigerator.

How to store tortillas in the refrigerator

The first thing you should do to keep tortillas longer is to separate them one by one when you buy them, as it will help them not to stick together.

Let them cool a little at room temperature.

Stack your tortillas, place them in a cloth and put them in a plastic bag, and close it.

Try to make small stacks so they don't stick together.

Put them in the refrigerator and keep them there until you use them. This will help your tortillas last longer, if you freeze them, with this same method, they can last up to a month.