This is how to prepare a perfect and delicious pozole

Pozole is one of the favorite dishes of Mexican cuisine, however, some common mistakes can detract from its flavor and presentation. Know them and avoid them.

This is how to prepare a perfect and delicious pozole
Avoid these mistakes to prepare a perfect and delicious pozole. Photo by Albany Capture / Unsplash

Pozole is one of the most famous dishes in Mexican cuisine, its origin dates back to pre-Hispanic times, but nowadays it can be prepared in many variations, from red, white, or green broths, to the use of meats such as pork, chicken, and seafood. If you want to know what mistakes you should avoid when preparing pozole, we will tell you in Menú.

Besides being a complete dish, pozole is known to be a good source of vitamins and minerals due to the corn and other vegetables added to the soup, such as radish, lettuce, and onion. The protein that can be acquired by consuming pozole depends on the meat that is selected to prepare it.

You need to know that the following tips that we will share with you are essential to avoid your pozole to be dry, tasteless, or with raw corn, so pay attention.

Do not use the protein broth

Many times, because of the practicality of cooking the meat in the same place as the pozole, it is not necessary to add the broth from the protein, for this, you have to boil water and add the meat that you selected to accompany your pozole.

One hour before you prepare the pozole you can cook the meat in a pot with enough water, garlic, onion, and salt. When it is ready, start preparing it and add the broth to prevent your pozole from becoming tasteless at the end.

Do not add herbs

Herbs such as bay leaves or oregano are indispensable for the pozole to have a unique aroma and flavor, it is important to use bay leaves during the cooking of the corn, and oregano after serving, not before.

Add enough water

You must be aware of the amount of water consumed during cooking, if necessary you will have to add more liquid, salt, or broth of the protein you selected so that the flavor is not lost. The ideal amount of water is ¾ of the pan you use.

Not cleaning the corn

This, far from being a mistake, can be a recommendation to avoid an unpleasant moment during the consumption of the pozole. If you are going to use uncooked cacahuazintle corn, you must first rinse it in water, then in a wide container or pan, you must let it soak for 4 hours in water. When the time has passed, with your hands remove the lower part of each kernel, this is usually hard like a shell.

To cook the corn remove the water in which it was soaked and put water again, 2 tablespoons of lime, and heat until the grains burst. Once ready, let it cool and rinse it again in water to remove the lime residue.

Avoid burning the chili peppers

In case you are going to prepare red or green pozole, it is important that for the broth, previously roast the chiles according to the recipe you will prepare (either guajillo, ancho, or poblano) try not to burn them to the point of leaving them completely blackened, because this could make your pozole bitter, if any of them burns, discard it.

Other pozole tips

The pork head is usually used in traditional pozole, this is because it is the piece that concentrates the most flavors, however, this ingredient can be present or not in the pozole, as it depends on the tastes of each family. If you do not want your preparation to have pork, use chicken or seafood.

Lettuce cannot be missing in this traditional dish, that is why it is also important to prevent it from oxidizing, for this, you must first remove the leaves, clean them, dry them perfectly with a paper towel and store this food in the refrigerator, you can also disinfect them in water so that it does not oxidize quickly and stays fresh.