How to get to AIFA by public transportation from Mexico City?

Do you want to get to AIFA from Mexico City and don't know how? Click here to find out about direct or public transportation options.

How to get to AIFA by public transportation from Mexico City?
Felipe Angeles International Airport. How to get to AIFA by public transportation. Photo: AIFA

How to get to Felipe Angeles International Airport by public transportation? AIFA is located in the State of Mexico and is intended to become a relief option for domestic and international flights arriving at the megalopolis formed by Mexico City, State of Mexico, Queretaro, Morelos, and Hidalgo. However, it is not a replacement for the current Benito Juarez International Airport, as it continues to operate and remains an option for those traveling from more remote areas to AIFA.

If you wish to start flying from AIFA, you must take into account the transfer times, as they vary according to traffic schedules. For example, if your flight is at 10 am and you are traveling from downtown Mexico City, taking the Angel de la Independencia as a reference, the trip will take approximately 50 minutes, if you use public transportation or a car. However, if your flight is in the evening hours, you should take into account the increased flow in the direction of AIFA.

How to get to AIFA by public transportation

Direct trips by E bus: One of the most accessible options to get to AIFA by public transportation and that will greatly facilitate your arrival at Felipe Angeles Airport is to take a van directly from Mexico City. Although with few runs, you can purchase your travel tickets in the E bus wagon that leaves three options: World Trade Center, Terrabús Angel de la Independencia, and Auditorio. We recommend buying your ticket in advance at the Terrabús or World Trade Center (WTC) branches. The cost is $125.00.

Take into account the schedules, since the bus starts at 8 am at the WTC, stops at 8:30 am at the Angel, and leaves the Auditorium at 9 am. If, on the other hand, you wish to return from AIFA to Mexico City, there is only one run at 12:30 pm.

From Central del Norte and Central del Sur, there are ETN buses to get to AIFA. From Central del Sur the departure is at 7 am, while from Central del Norte the boarding is at 8 am. If you wish to return to Mexico City from AIFA, there is only one bus at 12:30 am.

Mexibus, buses, and minibusses

Mexibús: Since the inauguration of the Felipe Ángeles Airport, the Mexibús is the most direct means of public transportation to AIFA. You have two options for departing from Mexico City: Indios Verdes or Ciudad Azteca Metro stations. Once there, you must board the Mexibús. Keep in mind that for each transfer you make, you will have to pay for one trip, which costs $9.00.

Therefore, the cost of the trip can reach $27.00. The Mexibús AIFA station is inside the airport facilities and access to the platforms is very short. The schedule of this transportation is from 05:00 am to 11:30 pm from Monday to Saturday and Sundays from 06:00 am to 11:00 pm.

Buses to get to AIFA: There are some options of buses and minibusses from Indios Verdes terminal that take you to AIFA, however, they are not very advisable since they do not access the military city and you will have to look for another alternative to move from the bus stop since the distance is long.