How to get a permit to carry weapons in Mexico


Given the insecurity many people choose to buy a firearm for self-defense, however, the carrying of weapons in Mexico is quite regulated unlike countries like the United States, where the laws are more flexible.

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

In the case of Mexico, Article 10 of the Constitution recognizes the human right of every inhabitant to possess and carry firearms, for security and self-defense, with the exception of those prohibited by Federal Law and those reserved for the exclusive use of the Army. , Navy, Air Force, and National Guard.

The Federal Law is the one that will determine the cases, requirements, conditions, and places in which the inhabitants can be authorized to carry weapons. The General Directorate of the Federal Register of Firearms and Explosives Control of SEDENA is the only authority that has permission to sell weapons legally in Mexico.

In accordance with the Instructions to regulate the carrying of firearms by authorized individuals, the Secretariats of the National Defense and the Interior, in their respective spheres of competence, shall dictate the administrative measures to which the natural or legal persons must submit themselves. public or private character, for the fulfillment of this law, of the supplementary ordinances to which it refers and of this regulation.

Requirements to request a permit to carry weapons

According to the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives, licenses for the carrying of weapons are of two kinds: private and official. The private licenses for the carrying of arms will be individual for individuals, to be able to request a permit they must meet the following requirements:

To have an honest way of living

Have completed military service

Not have a physical and mental impediment to the handling of weapons

Not having been convicted of a crime committed with the use of weapons

Do not use drugs, drugs or psychotropic drugs

Accredit, at the discretion of the Secretariat of National Defense, the need to carry arms for: the nature of their occupation or employment; or the special circumstances of the place where you live: or any other justified reason.

The nature of your occupation or employment

Medical-psychological certificate of mental health

Certificate of physical health, of no physical impediment

Certificate of no criminal record for an offense committed with the use of weapons

Proof of address

Copy of the manifestation record of the weapon that you intend to carry

Medical-toxicological certificate of non-drug use

It corresponds to the Ministry of National Defense, with the exception indicated in article 32 of the Federal Law on Firearms and Explosives, the issuance of suspension and cancellation of licenses for carrying weapons, as well as their registration, control, and surveillance. The license must be revalidated every two years.

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