The danger of an accident caused by LP gas recently became apparent, and if you have a tank of this fuel at home, you should take some measures to avoid a leak and a major misfortune.

The first thing you should have at hand is the emergency number because, in any case, you will only be able to detect the leak but if you do not know about a gas installation, it is not advisable to make any attempt to repair it.

If you only have a suspicion about your gas tank, and this is a pretty basic trick, just mix water and soap, it can be dish soap, and rub it on the connections and joints of the gas tank. If bubbles start to appear, it can be an important alarm signal.

Now, to detect a possible leak or poor installation in your LP gas tank, you need to be aware of your weekly and monthly consumption. If at any time you detect that the charge lasted less time than expected or calculated, it is possible that you have connected the tank incorrectly.

Whether you are in the State of Mexico or in Mexico City, the emergency number is the same and you will be directed to the nearest fire station: 911.

Also, try to have your gas in an area where it can receive some ventilation and that it is never placed at a short distance, for example, from your water heater or stove. Of course, the smell of gas is unmistakable, and if you suddenly find it hard to breathe inside your home, something is wrong and you should act quickly.