How Acapulco Keeps Tourists Smiling This Summer

Acapulco's summer sizzles with safety as Escudo Acapulco shields tourists from extortion attempts! Armed forces unite, hotel occupancy soars, but watch out for troubled tides.

How Acapulco Keeps Tourists Smiling This Summer
Acapulco's finest keeping watch! The 'Escudo Acapulco' ensures tourists can relax, free from any 'mochada' extortion attempts.

Welcome to the sunny shores of Acapulco, where the holiday season is in full swing, and the Escudo Acapulco, our trusty Acapulco Shield, has been activated to ensure everyone has a blast while staying safe and sound!

No more “mochada” malarkey for tourists, as the traffic officers have been warned not to play those tricks! You come to Acapulco to soak up the sun, not to get soaked by sneaky extortion attempts. Kudos to the municipal official in charge of public safety for keeping a vigilant eye on those rogue officers! Remember, fair play is the name of the game!

But that's not all! The city is swarming with safety forces from all three levels of government, giving you that extra security blanket while you're catching some rays on the beaches. The State Police, National Guard, Mexican Army, and Navy are all joining forces to patrol the sunny avenues and beaches of Acapulco. Now, that's a squad you can count on.

Speaking of tourist treats, the Center for Attention and Protection of Tourists (Capta) has got your back. They've set up not one, but two support modules to attend to all your needs—health, complaints, and even beach rescues with our friendly neighborhood lifeguards.

And hey, this operation is no fly-by-night gig. It's here to stay until the end of the summer holidays, even when the weekends roll in, and the visitor count soars higher than the SPF you're applying.

But let's be real, Acapulco isn't all sunshine and piñatas. There have been some unfortunate incidents. The Guerrero State Attorney General's Office is on high alert with the “Operativo Vacacional 2023 Acapulco,” working 24/7 to keep the place as safe as a well-guarded treasure chest. They've got 34 members at their disposal, ensuring you're as secure as a shy hermit crab in its shell.

Now, I know some of you might be worried about those recent unfortunate events. But worry not, dear sun-seekers. Our Mayor, Abelina Lopez Rodriguez, assures us that Acapulco remains a safe haven with clean beaches, and they're doing everything possible to keep it that way. So, pack your bags, grab your sunscreen, and come on down for an unforgettable holiday.

While we're at it, let's talk about the sea's shenanigans. An alert is in effect for coastal municipalities, thanks to a groundswell event causing a ruckus along the 500 kilometers of our glorious coastline. Tourists, be cautious and keep your distance from the risk zones like Icacos, Condesa, and El Morro. Safety first, fun later.

And hey, did you know our hotels are buzzing with visitors? Hotel occupancy in Acapulco soared to 65 percent, and across the state, the average reached a beach-worthy 69 percent. That's a lot of folks sunbathing, splashing, and sipping cocktails under the Acapulco sun.

But it's not all sun-kissed happiness. Our beautiful corals are struggling to survive in the heat. The Isla de la Roqueta has seen some coral bleaching due to excessive heat. Let's all do our part, folks. Don't step on them, don't touch them, and definitely don't use sunscreen that harms our underwater wonders. Let's protect these corals like they're our own little ocean gems.

Lastly, let's end on a heartwarming note, shall we? Children with Down syndrome are expressing their artistic flair by painting a delightful mural in Acapulco. Art therapy is their way of saying, “Hey world, we're here, and we've got talent.” Let's appreciate their abilities and support them in their creative journey.

So, there you have it, amigos. Acapulco's summer is sizzling with security, hotel fun, and artistic wonders. Come and join the fiesta while staying safe, protecting our oceanic friends, and celebrating the talents of our diverse community. The Acapulco sun is shining, and the beaches are calling. See you on the sandy shores.