Acapulco's Vacation Frauds Leave Tourists in the Hot Seat

Discover the side of Acapulco with our news roundup! From summer vacation frauds to beach shootouts and vibrant Pride Fest celebrations, stay informed on all the captivating stories from this tropical paradise.

Acapulco's Vacation Frauds Leave Tourists in the Hot Seat
Acapulco's stunning Icacos Beach turned into a scene of chaos as armed individuals exchanged gunfire, leaving one person injured. Image by intersd from Pixabay

Acapulco, the tropical paradise on Mexico's glittering shores, is buzzing with news that will make your sun-kissed toes curl! From scams targeting eager vacationers to beachfront shootouts and the colorful Pride Fest, we've got the lowdown on all the juicy details. So grab your sombrero and keep reading!

Levi Williams Manzanares, the president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies of the State of Guerrero (AMAV), has sounded the alarm bells about a surge in online fraud as the summer vacation season approaches. Sneaky scammers are lurking on apocryphal internet sites, masquerading as hotels and offering too-good-to-be-true deals. According to Levi, if you stumble upon a hotel package with a discount of less than 20 to 25 percent, it's time to break out your skeptical shades because it could be a fraud. Remember, amigos, don't let your holiday dreams be shattered by these digital tricksters!

Now, hold onto your margaritas because things got wild on Icacos Beach in Acapulco! A boatload of folks near the Calinda Beach hotel found themselves in the crosshairs of some trigger-happy individuals armed with small firearms. But don't fret, amigos, for the boat occupants fought back, leaving at least one person wounded. Witness accounts reveal that the shooting showdown began with armed men from the parían, but the boat crew responded with a bang, brandishing rifles and pistols. The beachgoers, caught in the line of fire, took off like startled crabs on the run. Talk about a panic-induced sprint!

To bring peace to these sun-drenched shores, an additional 500 military personnel have descended upon the port of Acapulco. These brave souls are here to deter and prevent crimes, armed with increased firepower. So, fear not, dear travelers, for your safety is a top priority in this slice of paradise.

In a glittering ceremony, the Secretary of Tourism, Miguel Torruco Marqués, and the Governor of Guerrero, Evelyn Salgado Pineda, unveiled the modernization project for the Acapulco International Center. As part of this grand plan, they're constructing the new ISSSTE High Specialty Hospital, ensuring both the tourism sector and the general population have easy access to healthcare. It's a win-win situation that addresses the demands of businessmen, investors, and tourism service providers while catering to today's market needs. Bravo, Acapulco, for leaping forward!

But hold onto your sunhats, because trouble is brewing along the Malecon in Acapulco Tradicional. Informal commerce has skyrocketed, with street vendors popping up like coconuts on a palm tree. The businessmen and established merchants of the city are fuming, demanding action from the authorities to rid the streets of these vendors. Not only are they selling second-hand clothes haphazardly, but they're also giving the tourists a less-than-stellar impression of Acapulco. With 58 markets operating in the city, it's like a chaotic bazaar out there! Will the authorities step in and restore order to this shopping mayhem? Stay tuned, shopaholics!

The first Ordinary City Council Session of Abelina López Rodríguez's administration brought together mayors from different political factions. Their unanimous decision? A campaign of discounts on property tax and real estate acquisition tax, giving taxpayers with debts up to December 2023 a 50 percent discount on fines and surcharges. It's like a summer sale for your wallet, folks! So seize the opportunity and save those hard-earned pesos while you can.

Ahoy, mateys! The Secretariat of the Navy (Semar) has intercepted a vessel off the coast of Acapulco, and what they found will make your eyes pop like maracas. A whopping 2.4 tons of cocaine! The Mexican Navy, with their trusty maritime surveillance, detected the vessel approximately 65 kilometers west of Acapulco. They embarked on a thrilling seven-hour chase, complete with naval aircraft and oceanic vessels. But alas, the crew members, realizing they were in deep waters, sped towards the estuary of Paraíso Escondido, like the villains in an action-packed movie. Authorities are on their trail, determined to bring them to justice.

In a jaw-dropping turn of events, former Secretary of Security of Acapulco, Maximiliano Serrano Perez, has been indicted for the alleged disappearance of two members of the Secretariat of the Navy. This real-life drama played out in a Sunday hearing at the Federal Criminal Justice Center of Guerrero, based in Acapulco. The ex-secretary, apprehended on June 26 in Ahome, Sinaloa, is facing some serious charges. Will justice prevail in this riveting case? Only time will tell!

Last but not least, Acapulco is turning up the rainbow vibes with its Pride Fest in Pie de la Cuesta! The port city is witnessing a surge in pink tourism, attracting visitors from the vibrant LGBT+ community. Arturo Lopez Sugía, the undersecretary of tourism in Acapulco, gleefully shares that studies by world tourism organizations reveal a staggering 85 million LGBT+ travelers globetrotting every year. This year's Pride Fest saw over four thousand tourists from the LGBT+ community, boosting hotel occupancy by more than 10 percent. It's a testament to the city's welcoming spirit and the undeniable economic power of love. So let your rainbow flags fly high and join the colorful fiesta, amigos!

That's it for your Acapulco news roundup! From shady online schemes to beachside shootouts and fabulous Pride Fest celebrations, this tropical paradise never fails to keep us on our sandy toes. Stay tuned for more sun-soaked adventures from the shores of Acapulco!