Structure collapses on people at Hidalgo food festival (video)

The canvas of the main stage at the Gastronomic Festival 2022 was collapsed by an intense whirlwind. People were trapped under the roof that protected the main stage from the sun.

Structure collapses on people at Hidalgo food festival (video)
Municipal Civil Protection personnel immediately came to the assistance of the injured. Image: Courtesy

A serious incident occurred this Sunday at the Gastronomic Festival of Santiago de Anaya, in Hidalgo. During this important event in the Mezquital Valley, the strong gusts of wind caused the main roof to collapse on the people in the square of the municipality.

The structure covered the part where the gastronomic contests of this festival were held, which this year was once again in person. Governor Omar Fayad regretted the events and confirmed that 11 people were injured, one of them seriously.

For its part, the Santiago de Anaya City Hall issued a statement to inform that there were no human losses and that the injured people were immediately taken to hospitals.