Army detains Heibar Josué Tapia Salazar in Sinaloa

The United States Treasury Department listed the father of the man who was just apprehended, Heibar Josué Tapia Salazar, on a list of the most wanted drug traffickers in the country.

Army detains Heibar Josué Tapia Salazar in Sinaloa
Arrest of Heibar Josué Tapia Salazar. . Members of the army detained him in Sinaloa. Photo: Sedena

In a joint operation led by the Secretariat of National Defense (Sedena) in the city of Culiacán, Sinaloa, Heibar Josué Tapia Salazar, son and natural successor of José Guadalupe Tapia Quintero, who is presumed to be the main synthetic drug trafficker for Ismael "Mayo" Zambada's faction of the Pacific Cartel, was arrested in a blatant criminal act.

The operation was carried out on Monday, August 22, during which Heibar Josué Tapia and one other person were located on a public street in Culiacán. They were arrested in violation of the law, achieving the seizure of possible fentanyl pills (pending to be counted), a firearm for the exclusive use of the Armed Forces, and a vehicle.

As a result of the above and the sharing of information between federal authorities, it was decided to form a joint force to carry out operational activities in the Bachigualato neighborhood in the municipality of Culiacán to reduce the chance of violent action in the city.

While Heibar Josué Tapia Salazar was being taken to the air terminal, road traffic on Calzada Aeropuerto was closed.

In 2014, the detainee's father was included by the US Treasury Department in the list of the most wanted drug traffickers in the United States, which states that he is involved in the transfer of marijuana and cocaine from Sinaloa to California and Arizona, both for "El Mayo" Zambada and for Joaquín "El Chapo" Guzmán's group.

In addition to sending methamphetamine from Sinaloa through Baja California and into California for a cell of "Los Guzman".

The detained people and what was found were handed over to the competent ministerial authority to define their legal situation and carry out expert actions to confirm the quantity, type of drugs, and characteristics of the weapons with which they were detained.