Locations in Mazatlan that are guaranteed to give you the chills

Mazatlan is one of Mexico's most visited cities, and for good reason: it's teeming with urban legends and mysterious occurrences.

Locations in Mazatlan that are guaranteed to give you the chills
The city of Mazatlan's creepiest spots. Photo by Steinar Engeland / Unsplash

Many buildings and locations in Mazatlan have been the subject of urban tales that have both scared people away and drawn them in. These locations are historically significant to the city of Mazatlan, although many visitors report feeling uneasy when they visit because of the area's storied association with ghosts, apparitions, stories, and myths.

The Devil's Cave

The Devil's Cave, which lies off Paseo Claussen in Olas Altas and is located in front of the Sánchez Taboada Roundabout, piques the interest of many tourists, especially those who are interested in learning more about the history of this mysterious cave.

People can only see a few bars blocking the entrance to the cavern at the base of a hill; some claim that the location was utilized for demonic rituals. Some claim that a train once passed through, while others assert that pirates utilized the cave to stow away their loot.

The most well-known mythology surrounding this cave claims that two attractive young women were enticed by an elegant man who was standing directly at the entrance of the terrifying cavern during a Carnival celebration. Since this enigmatic figure was none other than Lucifer himself, it is claimed that the women entered the location but were never seen or heard from again.

The Villa Galaxia Haunted House

The last tragic event to take place in a Villa Galaxia neighborhood home was 36 years ago. On March 11, 1986, a whole family—along with their pets and housekeepers—was shot multiple times inside the home.

Many of the settlement's neighbors complain that unusual noises have been heard within the home ever since the occurrence, even claiming that the victims' souls are still rummaging about the building and causing the peace in that area of the colony to be disturbed by their cries and laments. According to the settlers, the spirits who are in suffering present themselves at night.

Additionally, according to the neighbors, people have been seen entering the location to worship evil spirits or engage in witchcraft. Some even assert that in the past, people were seen entering with animals to be sacrificed as satan.

The primary legend surrounding the location is that the family's father went insane and killed everyone in the family. Other versions claim that the same family was fighting over an inheritance or that it was a way to settle scores.

Without fully knowing what exactly occurred that day, this location is among the most macabre in the port because of all the unanswered questions and the abandoned state of the house.

The ghosts of the train crash

There are also enigmatic tales about the largest accident that has ever occurred in Mazatlan, which occurred on May 31, 1996, when a city vehicle attempted to pass the railway. On that day, the urban transport driver was split in half and dragged half a kilometer from his position on the railway; 48 of the 34 passengers perished in the collision.

Many stories have been told since that day, but one of the most well-known is about a young woman who, roughly at the same time as the accident, hails a cab at the Universidad Autónoma de Sinaloa and instructs the driver to take her to Infonavit Jabalines, a neighborhood directly across the street from where the accident occurred.

Although the driver strikes up a conversation during the journey, the young woman remains silent and responds just briefly. No one responds when the driver questions her specifically where she is going as she crosses the street; as a result, the driver goes to look in the back of the vehicle but finds no one there.

Several cab drivers who have previously experienced this scary event have related to this incident. According to reports, the young lady was one of the students who perished in the train accident that day. Is it possible? Additionally, it is said that at night, weeping may be heard near the train tracks and shadows can be seen.