Guanajuato, Mexico's most violent state


Throughout the country, 71 massacres occurred in which at least 486 people were killed in 22 states. The entities that reported the most cases were Guanajuato, with 20 massacres; Zacatecas, with 8; Michoacán, with 7; Guerrero, with 4; and San Luis Potosí, with 4.

The victims were civilians, police officers, musicians, indigenous people, and children who were traveling on roads or who were attacked while in their homes or in their stores. The massacre that claimed the most victims was the one recorded in Irapuato on the first day of July 2020, in the community of Arandas, where a commando executed 27 young people and left 5 injured. The state of central Mexico began this year as 2020 ended: in nine days at least three massacres have been registered.

In the last one, three adults and a one-year-old baby were killed in the city of Celaya. The events occurred early Saturday morning, when National Guard (GN) agents observed a house on fire in the private neighborhood of El Pedregal.

Agents of the Criminal Investigation Agency of the local Public Prosecutor's Office also arrived at the site, and upon entering the home consumed by the flames, they first saw the body of a man. Later, among the rubble, they found the body of the baby, while in the backyard two other bodies were located, of a man and a woman, both with firearm injuries and burns.

Last Thursday, in the same municipality, nine people were shot dead inside a house where a wake was being held, in the Arboledas de San Rafael colony in Celaya.

The attack occurred at 8:00 p.m., on Chapultepec Street in the Arboledas de San Rafael colony - where the murder of a woman was reported shortly before. A commando arrived at the house with number 102, where a man who had been executed two days earlier was being held in vigil.

The subjects shot at the attendants. Nine of them were hit by the bullets. At least four people were left dead on the pavilion in front of the house, another one a few meters ahead. On the same street, by the side of a pole, the body of a man was visible.

On January 4, five people were shot in a department in the municipality of Leon, the largest in the state. This brought to 18 the number of people killed in the first three massacres in Guanajuato, which since 2018 is the most violent in the country.

The explanation given by the authorities for the incessant increase in intentional homicides is that the great majority of these are linked to disputes typical of organized crime.

There are two groups that fight to control most of the criminal territory in Guanajuato: the New Generation Jalisco Cartel, and the Santa Rosa de Lima Cartel, whose leader, José Antonio Yépez Ortiz - nicknamed the "Marro" - was arrested in August last year. However, that was not enough to bring the killings down.

In 2020, cut to the month of November, Guanajuato registered 4,190 victims of intentional homicide, according to official figures. That is 12% of the total 34,523 intentional homicides registered in the country in 2020.

Source Infobae