You can grow chili peppers on your windowsill all year round

How you can cultivate a variety of plants for your health and herbs in the greenhouse during the summer and on the windowsill so that you have access to vitamins throughout the year.

You can grow chili peppers on your windowsill all year round
Chili peppers are an easy plant to cultivate indoors, and they may be kept there year-round. Photo by Barbara Kosulin / Unsplash

Every plant has a role to play in the garden, including weeds such as gorse and nettles, you just need to know how to use them properly. And you can grow various health and herb plants in the greenhouse in summer and on the windowsill so that vitamins are available all year round. All weeds are herbs for man, you just have to know how to use them.

For example, in spring, the best grass, and the very valuable one, is the most undesirable weeds, gorse, and nettles. In spring, the young leaves of gorse, nettles, and sorrel can be blended and used in various vegetable and herbal cocktails. When nettles start to flower, they can also be gathered and dried for later use. If a weed has not been in the garden but arrives, a book of medicinal plants should be taken and the purpose of the weed noted.

Gardening tip: the excitement of growing chili peppers

Chili peppers can be grown in a greenhouse or pots. On the windowsill, they can be tended, watered, and grown all year round, so that the harvest will be there not only in summer but also at Christmas. Chili seedlings can be grown for about two years, after which they will probably need to be replaced with new ones to avoid pests and ensure a more abundant harvest.

Problems may only appear in the spring when the sun begins to shine brightly on the windowsills and the caterpillars appear. Then, presumably, it is necessary to change to new plants and new seedlings. In the greenhouse, the only thing that needs special attention when growing chilies and peppers is weeding to prevent slugs from taking over.

Peppers grow on their own, only the branches need to be tied so that they do not break off when the fruit forms.

If thyme and rosemary were grown in the garden in the summer, they should be brought in early. In October, it will be too late to do this as the plants will have experienced too drastic a temperature change. Herbs can be kept on a balcony or loggia at first, then brought into the room, but not near heaters. If rosemary and thyme are placed in a cooler place, the green herbs can be enjoyed all year round.