Grilled octopus with a special marinade recipe

Char-grilled octopus is a quick and flavorful way to prepare octopus in a convenient and handy way. To impress your friends, cook a yummy grilled octopus.

Grilled octopus with a special marinade recipe
Photo by Jesse Hanley / Unsplash

Grilled octopus is an easy and tasty way to prepare octopus quickly and practically. To surprise your friends, prepare a delicious grilled octopus recipe with special marinade.

Ingredients and quantities for grilled octopus recipe

Octopus 1 kg
Garlic 1 clove
Onion 1/2 piece
Bay leaf 4 pieces
Charcoal 1/2 bag
Ice 1/4 bag
Cloves 1 piece
Whole pepper 2 pieces
Salt to taste
Montezuma pine 2 sticks

For the marinade

Guajillo chili bell pepper 10 g
Pasilla chili bell pepper 10 g
Dried chile de árbol 10 g
Black pepper 1 pinch
Cloves 1 piece
Garlic 1 clove
Onion 1/4 piece
Orange juice 250 ml
Ground pepper 1 pinch
Vinegar 50 ml
Butter 60 g
Salt to taste
Olive oil 30 ml

Cooking the octopus

Heat water with the bay leaf, garlic, onion, cloves, whole pepper, and salt. Scare the octopus - colloquial term given to the action of submerging the octopus in boiling water - do it three times.

Cook the octopus for 35-40 minutes. When it is soft remove it and make a thermal shock (put it in cold water with ice to stop the cooking) reserve it cold.

Adobo or marinade

Devein and soak the chiles in hot water until soft. Blend the chiles with orange juice, pepper, cloves, and salt. In a frying pan, place the olive oil over medium-low heat, add butter, onion, and finely chopped garlic, and stir until both are translucent.

Pour the chili paste and vinegar, mix evenly over medium-low heat, approximately 10 minutes or until the mixture is cooked, and adjust the seasoning. Coat the octopus on all sides with the marinade and cook on the coals for 3 minutes on each side.

Recipe author: Kayo Colimot Pahteka