Gardens of Mexico for quiet reflection and leisure

At Jardines de Mexico, everything is on a grand scale, just like the experiences that are in store for visitors.

Gardens of Mexico for quiet reflection and leisure
Landscaped areas in Mexico where people can go to think and unwind. Credit: Jardines de México

This 51-hectare development offers the possibility to hold unique congresses, conventions, concerts, social events, and educational programs for children while surrounded by millions of blooms and more than 15,000 trees scattered among eight gardens.

A group of entrepreneurs created Jardines de México (Gardens of Mexico), "the largest contemplative floral gardens in the world," to donate their grain of sand to the care of nature and to create a close link between nature and people.

Jardines de México is located at kilometer 129 of the Mexico-Acapulco Highway, one hour from Mexico City and 25 minutes from Cuernavaca, the capital of the state of Morelos. It is divided into 37 hectares of contemplative floral gardens, 11 hectares of parking lots and general services, three hectares of greenhouse vegetable production area, and a total of 40 hectares of greenhouses.

It contains eight themed gardens, including Italian, Japanese, cactus, tropical, four springs, a flower fan, a labyrinth of the senses, and a particular area for children, which has seven pavilions. Every year, 193 million flowers are produced in these gardens, which have over 15,000 trees planted.

Convention center, social events center, open-air auditorium with seating for 5,000 people, open-air exhibition center, consumer centers, restaurant and general spaces, environmentally friendly facilities

Actions for Sustainability at Jardines de México

It has also included sustainability initiatives such as plant species rescue, alternative energy use, water use, ornamental producer partnership, and the employment of 600 people, the majority of whom are from Jojutla, the municipality where this innovative tourist development is located.

It will also house Latin America's first School of Gardening, which will aim to professionalize the gardening profession by training knowledge, skills, and attitudes through competency standards, as well as exclusive educational programs and sensory gastronomic experiences based on flowers, among other things. Everything is huge in Jardines de México, including the delights that await visitors.