Froylán Ruiz creates art from his love for Mexico


The painter and sculptor Froylán Ruiz, indicated by the most severe critics as the author of the current "Neomexicanismo", assured, "that this qualification gave me my eternal desire to speak and create my works around the culture and traditions of this country".

Publicity photo
Publicity photo

In an interview with Notimex, Ruiz announced that next Saturday, January 26, at 12:00 hours, he will inaugurate a new sculptural exhibition at the "José María Velasco" Gallery, in Peralvillo 55, Colonia Morelos, in the Mexican capital, where he will present "Mather Materia", curated by maestro Alfredo Matus.

He commented that it is a selection of 16 sculptures, made between 2012 and 2018. "They are stone carvings and terracotta modeling, three of them male nudes of 90 centimeters in height, and other animals endemic to Mexico, such as crocodiles, jaguars, iguanas and scorpions, among some others ".

He mentioned that at 75 he is still alive and continues to work in his studio located in Tlalpan, in the south of Mexico City. "I have always lived in that area and there I dedicate myself to my work as a painter and sculptor. Of the 16 pieces, two are recent and have not been elaborated for more than three months ".

His artistic talent is so prolific that, he said, he has been exhibiting permanently in several galleries of several entities of the Mexican Republic for many years.

He recalled that the writer and critic Teresa del Conde considered his work "Neomexicanista", nickname derived from the taste he has for the landscapes, animals and plants of this nation and that he brings to the canvas, stone, bronze or terracotta, always with enormous fidelity in its forms, colors and expression.

Publicity photo
Publicity photo

Ruiz studied at the National School of Plastic Arts and his graphic work covers different techniques such as painting, object art, drawing, engraving and sculpture. To date, he has participated in national and international exhibitions, including the Tenth Biennial of Latin Printmaking, held in Puerto Rico.

Others were "Froylán Ruiz, tribute", "La luz" and "World Art Day to Leonardo Da Vinci", in the Salon de la Plástica Mexicana. In the state of Michoacán, he has exhibited work done in the Casa Gray Workshop, a space that has boosted his work and has taken it to Italy, France and the United States.

The interviewee recalled that he began in abstractionism, a trend he abandoned in the 70s, to jump to the figurative, where he remained until he found his own style: "Neomexicanismo", which was followed by artists like Julio Galán, Rocío Maldonado and Dulce María Núñez, among others.

The male nudes and the national fauna that make up "Mather materia" can be visited from January 26 to March 10 at the "José María Velasco" Gallery, from Tuesday to Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., except for Wednesday that closes until 8:00 p.m.

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