These five dazzling and magical beaches are very generous with your pocket. Who would not like to spend their holidays or at least a weekend surrounded by an incomparable climate, sand, sea, and delicious food? Here is a list of incredible Mexican beaches that you should definitely visit at least once, as well as being very accessible to your pocket, so much that you will surely want to visit them all during the course of the year.


If you need a real rest and feel what a Mexican beach can offer, then Acapulco, Guerrero is the perfect place for you. This is one of the beaches loved by Mexicans since its gastronomy is delicious. Besides, it offers a spectacular climate which will make you want to stay. That without counting the sports activities such as fun flyboarding.

Boca del Río

Do you like exotic fish and birds? Then the beach of Boca del Rio in Veracruz is the perfect place for you since, in addition to being one of the most beautiful in the country and with the best cuisine, you will be surprised with the long list of unique species of animals that you can only know if you visit this place. The best of all is that their prices are superfluous, so much so that you are sure to return sooner than expected.


Do you want to try the best seafood of your life ?, then you must visit the unforgettable port of Mazatlan, Sinaloa, a place that apart from offering excellent dishes with different types of seafood, will surprise you with its unique places to visit, like a walk through the largest natural lighthouse in the world, its large aquarium, water parks, hundreds of bars and hotels, and parties to the sound of the Tambora for you to teach yourself to dance to the beat of the Tambora.

Puerto Vallarta

The best adventure of your life you can live in the magical Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco, a place with authentic adventurous spirit and the relax you need at the same time. Without a doubt, it offers you just what you occupy to put aside the tedious routine. Imagine enjoying yourself the sunset in a fabulous yacht directed to one of the secret beaches of this place, like Majahuitas and the dazzling Yelapa. Let's pack our bags today!

Playa del Carmen

If getting to know the Riviera Maya is one of your dreams, you must visit Playa del Carmen in Quintana Roo. We assure you that it will be one of the best experiences of your life since it offers you one of the best climates in the country, excellent gastronomy, incomparable beaches, and the best part is that these are very accessible places for your pocket. Go ahead and live the experience!