Five budget friendly places near Mexico City that you can visit this weekend


Every so often we should know a new place near the place where we live. In this case, Mexico City has many options to make quick visits and learn a little more about our country or just relax from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Huasca de Ocampo
Huasca de Ocampo

These are 5 economical options to leave the Mexico City to rest or take an adventure trip.

Huasca de Ocampo

The first magical town in the state of Hidalgo is a place that must be visited at least once. You will be able to enjoy the architecture of the Santa María Regla and San Miguel Regla haciendas, as well as being obliged to give a tour of the balsatic bonuses, rock formations that have been formed over thousands of years and that are a marvel of nature.

Accommodation: You can several but a decent place can go from 600 to 900 pesos.

Trip: The one way trip to Pachuca by ADO will cost you around 100 pesos and the transportation to get to Huasca another 50 pesos.

El Oro

A mining town that impacts for its natural beauty and its tranquility. You can visit the Teatro Juárez, a theater with more than one hundred years of neoclassical style and Moorish decoration, in the Mining Museum you can learn more about the wealth of the province since it is said that gold was obtained from it pure of the world.

Accommodation: Hospedarte in a villa in this place can cost from 1100 to 2000 pesos, but there is also the option of cheaper hotels.

Trip: The ticket for the bus that leaves the Observatory subway is about 140 pesos, while the car the booths the cost for booths would be 300 pesos.


Within the Sierra Madre Oriental, Cuetzalan is a town of traditions with beautiful landscapes and shaped by culture. Characteristic for having one of the most famous coffee shops in the country.

Cuetzalan is a place where you have to walk and be surprised by the details it can offer. You can visit the Parroquia de San Francisco, a colonial building dating from the seventeenth century with a surprising interior and go through the waterfall "Las Hamacas".

Accommodation: You can find cheap and cozy lodgings from 450 pesos.

Trip: The trip in ADO charges you 400 pesos and in AU around 240 pesos.

Valle de Bravo

In Valle de Bravo you can take a quiet trip or an adventure trip. Both to stroll through the colonial streets and visit the central square, as well as to practice water sports or a glider flight. It is one of the destined favorites to spend a weekend.

Accommodation: The great variety of lodgings in this place will give you the option to choose between a hotel from 450 pesos, up to one of 5000, per night.

Trip: The bus trip leaving the CDMX can cost between 200 and 250 pesos


One of those trips that can be made back and forth. Tepoztlán is a good place to travel on a Sunday from Mexico City, tour the town, climb the Tepozteco and have a drink when going down.

Accommodation: You can find accommodation from 500 pesos, but also villas and luxury hotels would charge you at least 3000 pesos a night.

Trip: A trip by car would cost about 120 pesos and a bus 130 pesos.