The international cybersecurity company F5 Networks, opened a support center in Guadalajara that will serve its users around the world, "since we believe that this city is the Mexican Silicon Valley," said Roberto Ricossa, vice president for Latin America of F5 Networks.

"We had different centers in other parts of the world and what we are doing is transporting those resources to Guadalajara, so that customers can be served from this city," he explained in an interview with Notimex.

This is very important to highlight, because Guadalajara, the capital of the western state of Jalisco, becomes the new Silicon Valley of Mexico, highlighted. Ricossa stressed that they are also manufacturing in this city tapatía F5 products, and that is how practically 70 percent of the world's production of these is being done in this plant.

"F5 is betting heavily on Mexico and Guadalajara as the new Silicon Valley, having here the production of F5 is a great advantage to make the distribution of products throughout the continent, although the production is done to everyone, the great majority ends up in America, "said Ricossa.

The company has also found great talent in Guadalajara, not only for the factory but also for the service and support center, which is being managed by Mexican talent that is bilingual or trilingual. In this regard, he stressed that the vast majority of companies are moving towards digital transformation, and thanks to that, business models based on applications are being implemented.

But if these are very slow or do not respond as they should or transactions are not safe, the business stops working, alerted. In addition to that companies are using different solutions such as the cloud or Internet of Things (IoT, for short) in English), and this requires maintaining security because if it fails, they can lose many customers.

"All these trends that we are living and that are beginning to intertwine are generating new business models because companies are depending much more than before the application," he said. F5 implements technology solutions that allow their application to run faster, transactions are safer and businesses can implement the digital transformations that help them grow.