Dragon Ball Z: Here are some facts about Majin Buu

Majin Buu was thought to have been conceived by the sorcerer Bibidi five million years before the beginning of the Dragon Ball Chronology.

Dragon Ball Z: Here are some facts about Majin Buu
Introducing Majin Buu for Jump Force, the iconic Dragon Ball Z character. Publicity image

Dragon Ball Z has been one of the most popular productions that has given Japan and ultimately the world of anime. There are many people who today enjoy this production that has a huge number of fans around the world. However, there are characters that are more recognized than others and certain stories that are omitted and from this aspect we must comment on the things you may not know about Majin Buu.

Originally it was believed that Majin Buu was a creation of the sorcerer Bibidi 5 million years before the year zero of the Dragon Ball Chronology. Likewise, following the details that refer to his origins, his body is a compound of unknown cells and biochemicals that mixed with a lot of energy made him a practically indestructible individual and give him several abilities, among them to regenerate or rejoin the parts of his body that he loses during combat (as well as to use the latter to absorb someone), flexibility and amazing elongation.

Facts about Majin Buu that you probably didn't know

Transformations happen and one of them is that of Majin Buu. In this case he absorbs the Sacred Kaiosama and the Supreme Kaiosama of the South with which he obtains 2 parts, the evil part and the good part, since the Sacred Kaiosama was very good.

Later the good part is separated from the bad part, this Majin Buu is separated making him a single person and he would live with Mr. Satan until Dragon Ball GT, where he absorbs the evil ball of Baby and explodes to later merge with Uub.

We also have Buu Pure Evil being the negative part. When separated, this facet absorbs more power than the good one. You can say that because Majin Buu was always pure evil until he absorbed the Sacred Kaiosama and created two parts in him.

In turn there is Super Buu and this is the Evil Buu after absorbing the good Buu. His power almost doubled, as they were re-united through absorption and this further increases his powers. His power is greater than Goku Super Saiyajin 3 but inferior to Gotenks Super Saiyajin 3,Mystic Gohan and Vegetto Base.

And finally we have Super Buu, also known as Absorbed Piccolo, and there you can see that there are differences between the form Super Buu takes when he has only absorbed Piccolo, and the form he shows when he also has Goten and Trunks. Only with Piccolo, the appearance of Super Buu not only shows the cape of the namekian, but also wears all his full clothes; except for the turban and shoes, since in their place are Buu's antenna and his own shoes respectively.

Another difference is that he does not have 5 fingers on his hands, instead he only has 2. This is because in the manga, Super Buu originally only had 2 fingers and it is from his absorption of Piccolo but together with the children that he acquires the 5. This form was shown when Goku and Vegeta extracted those absorbed by Buu from inside his body, being Piccolo the last one to be released.