The Mexican Gabriela Cámara is one of the most recognized chefs in Mexico and this year she will have her documentary A Tale of Two Kitchens on Netflix. Directed by the British Trisha Ziff (Witkin and Witkin), the short film A Tale of Two Kitchens will arrive on the streaming platform on May 22, after being screened at film festivals.

A Tale of Two Kitchens addresses the role of Gabriela Cámara as the leader of the two restaurants she has created in her career as a chef: Contramar, in Mexico City, and Cala, in San Francisco, California.

Through a dialogue between both cuisines, the documentary will explore the encounter and the contrasts of Mexican and American culture, the ways of working in each country, and the challenges of building a successful kitchen in an environment that has become more hostile towards Mexican migrants or from other Latin American origins.

"Being a Mexican restaurant in the United States is a paradox from where you see it," says Gabriela Cámara in the A Tale of Two Kitchens trailer. "On the one hand we have a culture that deeply despises Mexicans and at the same time, Mexican food is an integral part of the diet of the Americans."

Chef Gabriela Cámara started as a historian, but her passion for cooking led her to open 1998 the restaurant Contramar (Durango 200, Roma Norte, Mexico City), specializing in seasonal seafood. In 2015, Cámara chose San Francisco to open Cala, a seafood restaurant that one year after opening was already considered one of the best 21 restaurants in the United States. Her influence on American cuisine is remarkable, in addition to challenging the work styles of local restaurants.

A Tale of Two Kitchens is part of a series produced by the production company No Ficción in collaboration with Netflix. The producers Daniela Alatorre and Elena Fortes allied with Mexican directors (or in the case of Ziff, who develop their film work in Mexico) to tell stories that bring new angles to the conversation about the ever-changing relationship between Mexico and the United States.