Digital commerce between companies business model on the rise in Mexico


Mexico became a leader in e-commerce sales in Latin America and, thanks to the gap between new technologies and the way consumers consume, companies continue to create innovative market opportunities, so B2B eCommerce (Business to Business) in English) brings a 234 percent advantage to business-to-consumer (B2C) sales.

Digital b2b marketing is on the rise
Digital b2b marketing is on the rise

Data from the digital services company BlackSip reveal that B2B commerce at the end of 2017 reached 7.7 billion dollars worldwide, being the protagonist of this technology, although the B2C trade (Business to consumer, for its acronym) is the most popular among the public, according to a statement.

The country manager of BlackSip Mexico, Juan Fernando Vélez, said that one of the keys to making eCommerce B2B relevant in the country is to implement efficiency: "You have to take into account what the client's business processes are so that Connecting that B2B eCommerce is very well mapped with those processes. "

When efficiencies are achieved, the operation will be less expensive and easier for the client, achieving a cheaper sales channel with a better shopping experience ", as customers always look for a digital and stable issue over time, he added. The B2B, he added, is on the rise and both national and foreign confidence is making itself felt, which is why Mexican companies have a great opportunity to take advantage of this market.

A projection made by Forrester highlights that by 2021 alone in the United States the annual electronic commerce between companies reaches 1.2 billion dollars, which means a growth of 7.4 percent from 2016 to 2021, in addition the percentage of buyers will increase to 55 percent during that interval.

Mexican companies that want to implement B2B e-commerce can see changes in their profitability through greater efficiency and control in business processes, as well as in their purchase order processes, decreasing errors and time to make them. He also stressed that 70 percent of companies are already opting for this digital business model due to competitive pressure.

For the country manager of BlackSip Mexico, there are two main reasons why B2B has been well received in the country. The main one is the change at a generational level that is having an impact on companies, "today we find areas of purchase of companies that are changing, the customer has changed and their demands are more digital, efficiency and speed self-managing".

The United States also has an impact because its connotation is important for Mexico because the country is realizing that this type of platform is moving these businesses more "and that is why Mexico is awakening in B2B eCommerce," he said.

The digital ecosystem continues to evolve and in Latin America, Mexico has become a pioneer, therefore, the country demands that all companies look towards digital transformation and for all B2B businesses that means embracing electronic commerce.

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