Dafne Quintero García's Triumphs and Trials in Archery

Dafne Quintero García, Mexico's archery sensation, reflects on her triumphant 2023 and sets her sights on new challenges in 2024. With unwavering determination and a supportive team, she aims to conquer the World Cup Series and the World Games.

Dafne Quintero García's Triumphs and Trials in Archery
Dafne Quintero, archery athlete, during the National Team at the CNAR. Credit: CONADE

After a dream 2023 in which she won 12 international medals, Mexican archer Dafne Quintero García expressed herself prepared and confident to face a new competitive year, in which she will seek to reaffirm her place in the national team, and then direct her arrows towards the big objective: win some stage of the 2024 World Cup Series.

“I came to this selective very motivated, and although the scores that she expected were not given on the first day, I have learned that this does not end until the last arrow. There is a lot of competition left, and I will give my best until the end because there is quality in the teammates who are shooting, it is something very different from last year, and it is very good, since that motivates us to want to improve even more,” she said in an interview with the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports (CONADE).

“More than anything, I try to live in the present because I came from winning everything last year and there are times when I was down on myself, that's why I prefer to focus on 2024; It will be very different with fewer competitions, but in each one I will try hard, and I hope to bring me good medals,” she added.

The native of Monclova, Coahuila, and a compound bow specialist, is part of the internal control carried out at the National Center for the Development of Sports Talents and High Performance (CNAR), a venue where she has already experienced different and intense concentrations. , and the same one in which the athletes who will represent our country throughout 2024 will be defined.

“The multidisciplinary team is key because an athlete would not be the same without a nutritionist, physiotherapist, or psychologist. The facilities are also important because not all fields are the same nor do we all train under the same conditions, and having us here at the CNAR helps us a lot because we have everything here and that makes it easier for us,” she explained.

Quintero García, who turns 22 this March 9, was the protagonist of a wonderful 2023 at a competitive level, as she was proclaimed absolute monarch at the San Salvador Central American Games and the Santiago Pan American Games; She also won a total of 12 medals: three individual medals, three for mixed teams and six for teams.

“I am truly grateful for all the support you have given me, and have no doubt that throughout 2024 I will give my best and more than last year. One of my big goals is to win some stage of the World Cup Series; I have stayed very close: in second and third place. It is also a dream to go to the World Games because for those of us who compete in compound bow they are like the Olympic Games,” she explained.

“Mexico is a world power in this sport, and it is something we realized last year. I attribute all of that to the relationship and family we have created on and off the firing line; We know that our teammates will always be there for whatever we need,” she concluded.