Mexico sues Arizona for arms trafficking

On Monday, Mexico initiated a second legal action against the illegal trafficking of arms and five organizations located in the state of Arizona in the United States.

Mexico sues Arizona for arms trafficking
Mexico files second lawsuit in Arizona against arms trafficking. Credit: Relaciones Exteriores

Mexico's Foreign Minister, Marcelo Ebrard, informed us that on Monday, Mexico filed a second lawsuit against arms trafficking in Tucson, Arizona. Through his social networks, Ebrard Casaubon recalled that it was the second to be filed in the American Union.

"I am pleased to inform you that, as I announced a few days ago, Mexico filed today in Arizona, the United States, a lawsuit that would be the second regarding weapons against, especially, five companies that are located in that state, in Arizona. Here you can see it, they are these little red dots, which in recent years have been responsible for the sale of weapons that appear here in very serious crimes, in homicides, in femicides, in very delicate things in Mexico."

The Secretary of Foreign Affairs said that the demand is made because the same thing keeps happening and because arms trafficking goes to Mexico.

"We are demanding it because here, evidently, as there is a recurrence, we presume and it is evident that there is arms trafficking and that it is known that these weapons are directed at our country. In our country, weapons are prohibited, so in essence, we are asking or proposing to the Court there in Arizona to impose sanctions because it is a crime according to the latest reforms that were made in the United States.

Stopping the flow of weapons to curb violence

Ebrard Casaubon mentioned that the insistence on the issue is because if this flow of weapons to our country is not stopped, how are we going to stop the violence here?

"And on the other hand, if the United States is asking us to support them, which is fine; that we work together against fentanyl, chemical precursors, drug cartels, we also want them to help us by reducing this flow of weapons that does us a lot of harm." Finally, the Mexican diplomat made it clear that Mexico would not give up.