North American tourist was injured in one of his legs after being attacked by a crocodile on the beaches of Nuevo Vallarta. The man was taken to Puerto Vallarta to receive medical attention for two bites he presented. It was reported that Municipal Police personnel received a report about the incident and went to the hospital where the wounded man was located to take knowledge of the facts, reported Tribuna de la Bahia.

It was at 11:11 p.m. when the emergency room of the Vallarta Medical Center hospital reported that an ambulance had just arrived at the hospital because a man named Jaime had been bitten by a crocodile on his right leg. He had been bitten twice and was in the operating room at that moment.

These facts occurred in a hotel in Nuevo Vallarta in the beach area. At the site the agents interviewed Melissa, 24 years old, who said that while her cousin Jaime Esteban, 24 years old, from Texas, was bathing in the beach area of the hotel 20 meters from the shore, she heard him scream and when she took him out of the sea his leg was bitten at the knee, apparently by a crocodile and he was in the operating room area.

The agent of the Public Prosecutor's Office was informed about these facts, who pointed out that this crime is prosecuted by the civilian area.