Have an international experience: five countries to go on exchange program

These are some of the options suggested for you in case you want to do academic mobility abroad. Check them out.

Have an international experience: five countries to go on exchange program
Get a taste of the world: exchange programs in five different countries. Photo by Matese Fields / Unsplash

If you're interested in going on exchange this year, you may be wondering "where can I go?". There is a whole world of options available and sometimes it's hard to know where to start. In that case, we share with you a list of five countries to send your students to study and have a great international experience. These are some of the options suggested for you in case you want to do academic mobility abroad.


France is a country with high-level academic programs. It offers mobility opportunities for undergraduate and graduate-level in all areas of knowledge, such as Engineering, Business, International Relations, Translation, and Interpretation, among others. Although speaking French is a requirement to select this destination, some universities offer courses in English, so you can study in this country and improve both languages during your stay. This destination is one of the most popular, as it lends itself not only to have a memorable experience as a student, but also to meeting people and traveling through its beaches, cities, mountains, and forests. In addition, it is close to other European countries that can be reached by train, plane or car.


It has an attractive educational offer in several provinces. Its educational institutions are recognized for their quality, besides being a country open to receiving foreigners, very safe to live in, and with great cultural diversity. Every year it receives a significant number of international students because its academic offer is available in English and covers a wide range of disciplines. In addition, it allows you to learn French and enjoy the cultural richness of that nation. Its geographical position is strategic since Canada shares a border with the United States. It has cosmopolitan cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, which are tourist centers for locals and foreigners.


Chile has positioned itself as a great academic destination for students who want to stay in the continent with world-renowned Chilean institutions in a wide variety of disciplines, ranging from engineering to social sciences. It is one of the countries in Latin America with the best standard of living, is open to receiving international students, and is friendly for academic studies due to the shared language of Spanish. This country also offers an interesting destination for winter tourism, as well as beautiful natural scenery and geographical proximity to other Latin American countries, which allows students to explore the region.


Colombia is a country that has great similarities with Mexico due to the hospitality and festivity of its people. It is a great destination because of this and because of the support students receive when they decide to make it their exchange destination. It offers a wide variety of agreements, particularly with highly renowned institutions that are classified as part of the best academic offerings in Latin America. Its tourist attraction is very broad and its climate is pleasant for lovers of tropical atmosphere, music, and celebration. This country is a good opportunity because it is not very expensive.


This country has an attractive high-level academic offer. It has several collaboration agreements with highly recognized universities in business and tourism. In addition, students are always supported and well-received in their exchanges, facilitating the process due to the same Spanish language. Touristically speaking, its climate is pleasant, and it has cosmopolitan cities and very interesting natural beauties, particularly due to its proximity to the South Pole.