According to the director of the General Hospital, this is the lowest figure since the pandemic began. Occupancy at the General Hospital of Playa del Carmen registered 17% of Covid-19 patients hospitalized, the lowest figure since the pandemic began.

Francisco Granados Navas, director of the General Hospital of Playa del Carmen, informed that there are seven patients currently inside the hospital with the disease, three months ago they reached up to 80% occupancy, out of a capacity of 36 beds in the Respiratory Care Unit.

"Hospital occupancy at the Playa del Carmen Hospital has decreased notably, we are now at this moment at 17% hospital occupancy, we have at this moment seven patients hospitalized, of which two are seriously ill, one is intubated, the other has a respiratory device," said Granados Navas.

Exactly one month ago, the hospital was beginning to show signs of downward figures, when it had an average occupancy rate of 70%, 10 percentage points lower than last August. However, on the dates in question, the General Hospital of Playa del Carmen recorded one death per day as a result of the coronavirus. This has changed, at least in the last few days, because it has not registered any more deaths related to the pandemic.

"During the week we have not had any death due to Covid patients, and it is important to emphasize that this hospital has a Respiratory Care Unit that is independent of the hospital area," added Granados Navas.

With these figures, the indication is that the infection with the virus in the General Hospital of Playa del Carmen is going down, as the hospital reached 90% of hospital occupancy, mainly during 2020. Likewise, Granados Navas said that the drop in Covid-19 cases is due to the fact that a large part of the population has been fully vaccinated with doses applied by the federal government to combat the virus.