Playa del Carmen coronavirus update: 266 Covid-19 cases and 39 deaths

The municipality of Solidarity, which hosts the resort city of Playa del Carmen, continues to accumulate coronavirus cases with 313 detected so far.

Confirmed and accumulated cases of coronavirus in Playa del Carmen
Confirmed and accumulated cases of coronavirus in Playa del Carmen

The mayor urged the people of Solidaridad to remain at home to contain the spread of Covid-19, to distance themselves from society, to wash their hands properly, not to shake hands or kiss, to sneeze by covering their mouth with their forearms or using a handkerchief, and not to go out if they are sick.

-We are working closely with the Governor of Quintana Roo, Carlos Joaquín González and the President of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, strengthening prevention actions and care for all," said the mayor.

Playa del Carmen coronavirus trend line
Playa del Carmen coronavirus trend line

It is important that people do not go out to the streets except to perform vital activities -such as supplying food and medicine, as well as attending work under the relevant measures- because only in that way can the contagion curve of Covid-19 be flattened.

Marco Loeza, head of the Zofemat, said that his staff will continue to make tours on the beaches to continue to encourage citizens or visitors who come to the coastal area, to remain in their homes in what is the health contingency caused by the coronavirus.

To maintain health safety and prevention, the Secretariat of Public Safety and Municipal Transit of Solidarity will continue with health safety filters at the three entrances to the city, work that is being done in coordination among authorities of the three orders of government.

Since the beginning of the health contingency, the corporation began a series of procedures and restrictions in order to guarantee the social distance between the population of Playa del Carmen, as the municipal seat of Solidaridad.

"It should be noted that free transit is allowed and that the main purpose of these filters is to verify the health status of people, to know the origin and destination of citizens and to continue with the prevention and implementation of hygiene measures and healthy distance to prevent contagion by Covid-19".

Beach clubs and providers suspend activities

Activities are closed, nautical services and water sports providers in the area of Constituyentes Avenue and 28th Street, beach clubs, Kool and Mamita's announce partial closure of activities, and a considerable number of beds in the white sandy areas are closed, and masseurs are also suspended.

Holbox Island deserted

Closed hotels, deserted beaches, sanitary filters at the entrance of Chiquila and at the dock for all the people who arrive, this is the panorama that is lived in the north zone as a result of the psychosis that has generated the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tourist activity in Holbox is barely 20 percent, according to an estimate by the mayor of the island, Idelfonso Cetina Alcocer, which has led to the closure of hotels and deserted beaches.

However, this is good because it reduces the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus by being very careful with the people who enter the island. "We have sanitary filters on the dock to measure the temperature not only for tourism but for everyone who enters the island".

Single Command implements measures due to Covid-19

Following the health and prevention protocols instructed by the Single Command in Quintana Roo, in the face of the COVID-19 virus contingency, the Secretariat of Public Safety and Municipal Transit reinforced surveillance throughout the municipality and implemented preventive health actions to maintain order and social peace.

In the tourist and beach area, together with the surveillance, recommendations are issued to walkers, restaurant collaborators, shops and accommodation centers. In the same way, officers provide information in the three service modules located on Fifth Avenue.

With the operation Pie Tierra de Proximidad Social and the signing of logs with the Neighborhood Police Committees, surveillance and police presence is maintained in neighborhoods and subdivisions. During these tours, the elements make suggestions to people to stay at home and share preventive health information in different establishments.