Coronavirus in Playa del Carmen: first case of COVID-19 confirmed

Alejandra Aguirre Crespo, head of the Health Secretariat in Quintana Roo confirmed that of the 11 positive cases currently in Quintana Roo, 10 are in Cancun and one more tested positive in Playa del Carmen; the first in that municipality.

Of the 11 positive cases of coronavirus in Quintana Roo, one is located in Playa del Carmen; this was confirmed by the Ministry of Health. Illustrative photo by Agencies
Of the 11 positive cases of coronavirus in Quintana Roo, one is located in Playa del Carmen; this was confirmed by the Ministry of Health. Illustrative photo by Agencies

Through her social networks, Aguirre Crespo reported that by the 6 p.m. cut-off time this Friday, Quintana Roo is registering 11 positive cases of Covid-19 coronavirus.

Of these 11 cases, it is known that 4 are Mexican, one is a foreigner with residence in Cancun and others are cases of foreigners. Only one is hospitalized while the other 10 patients are in social isolation from home.

The age range of the patients is from 17 to 71 years old. The 17-year-old patient is the only one who is underage, while the oldest patient is in the state of Nuevo Leon.

According to Aguirre Crespo's message, of the 11 positive cases, 8 contracted the virus outside of Mexico and three of them are cases of contagion by contact with the imported case, that is, family members living in the same house.

She also reported that 86 suspicious cases have been detected, of which 52 have been negative and 23 are under study.

Single Command implements measures due to Covid-19

Following the health and prevention protocols instructed by the Single Command in Quintana Roo, in the face of the COVID-19 virus contingency, the Secretariat of Public Safety and Municipal Transit reinforced surveillance throughout the municipality and implemented preventive health actions to maintain order and social peace.

In the tourist and beach area, together with the surveillance, recommendations are issued to walkers, restaurant collaborators, shops and accommodation centers. In the same way, officers provide information in the three service modules located on Fifth Avenue.

With the operation Pie Tierra de Proximidad Social and the signing of logs with the Neighborhood Police Committees, surveillance and police presence is maintained in neighborhoods and subdivisions. During these tours, the elements make suggestions to people to stay at home and share preventive health information in different establishments.

Cozumel curfew imposed in the face of the pandemic by Covid-19

After the federal government announced the beginning of phase 2 of the contingency for the Covid-19 pandemic, the municipality of Cozumel will implement a curfew during the nights starting next Friday, informed the municipal president Pedro Joaquin Delbouis.

The mayor announced that, as in the rest of the state of Quintana Roo, in Cozumel health and economic measures will continue to be strengthened in order to counteract the effects and affectations of this coronavirus.

For now, he anticipated that if necessary, social measures will be strengthened. Initially, citizens will be asked not to leave their homes after 23:00 hours, and if they do not do so, they will be subject to an administrative sanction.

"Cozumel has shown that together, respecting and applying preventive measures, we fight against this evil that today has the whole world in check; I urge you to continue working together to overcome this contingency, we have already passed phase 1 without positive cases, let's continue like this, following the health recommendations," he said.

Activity decreases in Playa del Carmen's tourist area

The health contingency caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is reflected in the municipality of Solidaridad, which over the weekend reported the first two positive cases of the disease.

The white beaches of the Caribbean look lonely compared to what is usual in the Riviera Maya and many of the people who use the beaches are foreign and domestic tourists but several of the beach clubs look empty in their beds despite the sanitary measures applied to take care of the health of bathers and users of their facilities.

The Fifth Avenue showed a low influx of tourists, however, they are present and make use of the restaurants, bars, and cafes, while others could be seen arriving at the tourist heart of the Riviera Maya.

Beach clubs and providers suspend activities

Activities are closed, nautical services and water sports providers in the area of Constituyentes Avenue and 28th Street, beach clubs, Kool and Mamita's announce partial closure of activities, and a considerable number of beds in the white sandy areas are closed, and masseurs are also suspended.

Holbox Island deserted

Closed hotels, deserted beaches, sanitary filters at the entrance of Chiquila and at the dock for all the people who arrive, this is the panorama that is lived in the north zone as a result of the psychosis that has generated the Coronavirus pandemic.

Tourist activity in Holbox is barely 20 percent, according to an estimate by the mayor of the island, Idelfonso Cetina Alcocer, which has led to the closure of hotels and deserted beaches.

However, this is good because it reduces the risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus by being very careful with the people who enter the island. "We have sanitary filters on the dock to measure the temperature not only for tourism but for everyone who enters the island".

Red Cross ready for the event

In view of the situation in the east due to the cases of coronavirus, Isabel Menocal Solórzano, General Coordinator of the Playa del Carmen Red Cross, announced that the Benemérita Institution has doctors and nurses who attend 24 hours a day at the facilities on Avenida Chemuyil and Tecnológico and who are trained in the regulations of the Ministry of Health to attend to any contingency.

Coronavirus: Red Cross prepared in Playa del Carmen
Coronavirus: Red Cross prepared in Playa del Carmen

"The Red Cross is not worried, it is busy; we have a very rigid protocol to immediately detect any incident this is in the Red Cross Playa del Carmen, but in general the national Red Cross there are guidelines, on the other hand, we are also following the guidelines that it requires and that we must comply with the Ministry of Health," she said in an interview.

She trusted that the coronavirus is not an issue to worry about, but rather to deal with, which is why the Playa del Carmen Red Cross is on 24-hour alert to attend to those suspicious cases in coordination with the Health Department.

"All medical personnel are trained, they are aware of how to act in the slightest suspicion of a problem, it has not occurred, the protocols are in place and we are not in the least concerned, yes we are on alert, aware that eventually, it could urge a situation," she said.

She explained that the medical infrastructure offers the general public quality services and warmth 24 hours a day, even though they work with limitations due to the fact that they do not receive government subsidies, but she is confident that thanks to the donations they will continue with the noble mission of helping.

"We have a payroll of 35 people that includes everything, but we do have it distributed in five shifts, we operate 24 hours a day, there is a doctor that gives consultations 24 hours a day in three shifts during the week and two shifts on weekends," she said.

Finally, for those people who wish to contribute to the Red Cross Playa del Carmen in the many daily needs that presents, the coordinator recalled the phone number of contributions that is 9841794100 as well as the bank account in the name of the Red Cross to make donations and receive a receipt that serves as a tax deduction.

By Mexicanist