Playa del Carmen coronavirus update: foreign tourism recovering in spite of COVID-19 pandemic


In this summer season, being close to 90 percent of the international recovery speaks of a good summer not only for the Riviera Maya but for the entire state. Given the operability, at 100 percent of the allowed capacity of the small hotels, without a doubt, it is a much better summer than last year's, since the reopening began in the month of June 2020; however, there was no flights from Europe, which is a very important component in the summer for Quintana Roo.

This year there are four airlines flying from Spain, connectivity with France, Germany, England, Portugal, Poland, Turkey, so it is a much better summer, plus there is a very wide recovery of flights from the United States, some from South America, and even though there is no flights from Canada, that is not the biggest season.

Cancun airport has had up to 500 operations, so for the moment, it is in a good season. In Cozumel new frequencies are being registered, as a particular case is a flight from Barcelona; it was scheduled for July and August, but due to the success in its occupation the airline decided to extend the period until the month of December.

These are good signs, the level of operation is quite high in terms of flights and good occupancy in the hotels, and it is expected that this will be the case at least during the whole month of August.

According to the data for the month of May, the number of domestic visitors to the airport was the same as in 2019, and international visitors were 17 percent less, that is, 83 percent of the recovery, the shortfall is represented by the frequencies from Europe, Canada and some flights from South America, so being close to 90 percent of international recovery speaks of a very good summer, considering the current conditions.

To conclude, the progress in vaccination in the countries of origin is what helps, which generates the tourists' confidence to travel as they feel protected, it helps to advance in inoculation. What is important is that there are no more contagions so that the economy can open up even more and hotels and restaurants are fully occupied, but on the traveler's side it is the vaccination in their hotels that is contributing to the recovery of the economy.