Cemita poblana: a delicacy filled with endless flavors


Puebla's gastronomy is vast, tasty, but above all varied, ranging from homemade snacks to spectacular entrees that jealously guard a unique and unrepeatable cuisine. Among its treasures is the cemita poblana, whose essence is its bread, of very ancient origin, which like all bread consumed in Mexico was originally introduced by the conquistadors and, over time, was enriched in its forms, flavors and techniques by the French.

Another characteristic of the cemitas poblanas bread is the sesame seed decoration on the lid, in which the artisans achieved great skill and decorated it with flowers, stars, animals, phrases, names, and landscapes. There is a famous anecdote that tells that General Maximino Ávila Camacho offered a meal in Teziutlán in which the cemitas poblanas consumed had the coat of arms of that municipality drawn on them.

In the XIX century, the cemitas poblanas were prepared at home and filled with potatoes, beans, and nopal, but nowadays, the filling is an explosion of flavors, you can choose between different cold meats, chicken breast, pork leg, ham, breaded meat, or combine them together and they must also have chipotle chili, quesillo, and papalo leaves, which give them a unique flavor.

"The cemita poblana is eminently Iberian and is the result of two varieties of bread that, during the Viceroyalty, the city of Puebla delivered as a tribute to the Spanish crown". - Esperanza Toral, in The origin of the cemitas

The taste for tasting cemitas poblanas has transcended to several neighboring states, mainly Mexico City, showing that just like the countryside, the taste for bringing the flavors of traditional cuisines to each and every one of the states.

By Mexicanist