An Animated Series Based on the Life of Canelo Alvarez

Boxing legend Saul "Canelo" Alvarez is collaborating with Cartuna and Campanario Entertainment to create an adult animated series that is based on his life and career.

An Animated Series Based on the Life of Canelo Alvarez
Canelo Alvarez's physical change since his second fight with Golovkin. Credit: Canelo Alvarez

Canelo Saul Alvarez, a legendary boxer, is working with Cartuna and Campanario Entertainment to develop an adult animated series that will be based on his life and accomplishments.

Alvarez declared, "I'm eager to see my story and my career introduced to TV through this amazing medium. "It will provide my devoted fans a new way to follow my ascent to the top of boxing and may attract new fans to this lovely sport," the boxer said.

The series writer and executive producer is Erick Galindo. Along with Cartuna co-heads James and Adam Belfer and Mike Flavin, senior vice president of development, they will executive produce. For Campanario Entertainment, Jaime Dávila and Rico Martnez will serve as executive producers. Currently, under production, the project is anticipated to launch on networks and streaming services later this year.

Having won world championships in four separate weight classes—junior middleweight (154 pounds), middleweight (160 pounds), super middleweight (168 pounds), and light heavyweight—Alvarez is currently one of the most well-known boxers in the world (175 lbs.). He presently holds the titles of undisputed super middleweight world champion and lineal middleweight champion.

He was raised in Jalisco, Mexico, and began boxing training at the age of 13 with Chepo and Eddy Reynoso before turning professional at the age of 15. He is currently 58-2-2 in his professional career, including 39 knockout victories. In the March 2023 release of "Creed 3," he is scheduled to make his acting debut.

According to Flavin, "there are athletes, superstars, and then there are national heroes." "Canelo is unquestionably the third to last. We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to use animation to communicate a heartfelt story and bring his tale to life.

Dávila, president and co-founder of Campanario, continued, "Telling Latino stories that resonate with worldwide audiences has always been at the forefront of Campanario's ambitions.

"It is a great honor for us to have the chance to convey Canelo Alvarez's narrative with the assistance of Erick Galindo, another exceptional Mexican and renowned author. We're excited to work with our collaborators at Cartuna to create a dynamic animated environment since Latino tales deserve to be told in all media.

What Canelo's second victory over GGG taught us

Just like at home. Canelo Alvarez conquered Las Vegas in front of 20 thousand fans, most of them Mexican, who, to the rhythm of "Mexico Lindo y Querido" and the voice of Alejandro Fernandez, welcomed the boxer from Guadalajara, who was unrivaled in the ring and won the third fight against Gennady Golovkin by decision. This is what we learned from the fight.

Saul Alvarez was more decisive

The fight started with more momentum in the stands than in the ring. But 'Canelo' always felt confident between the ropes. Beyond a couple of punches thrown by the Kazakh in the first three episodes, the Mexican sought to dominate from the beginning. The Mexican fighter was permanently authoritarian during the first seven rounds. At that point, he fought practically in the bag, against a Golovkin who, after only five episodes, was beginning to spit out signs of fatigue.

Golovkin's laziness affected the show

Canelo looked for the knockout. There is no doubt about it. But people expected more from this fight. However, it is very easy to say that Alvarez lacked range or intensity. It was in large part the fact that GGG was careful not to get too beaten up, which made this fight tedious for a few lapses. In the fifth round, the Canelo executed a right hand that ignited the entire arena, which, lacking emotions in the first rounds, cheered the outlines of power. The Mexicans came to see someone on the canvas, and the cherry on the cake was missing.

GGG resurfaced too late

The 'Canelo' did not see his dominance in difficult situations, and he occasionally took his foot off the accelerator. That cost him dearly, in front of 20,000 fans who went from "Canelo, Canelo!" to a period of whispers of concern when Golovkin threatened to come back to life. It wasn't until the ninth that both fighters engaged in a constant exchange of punches. Canelo stumbled in the middle of the fight, and at times, the Kazakh had him on the ropes. GGG wanted to wake up, but it was too late.

The fourth episode Canelo vs. GGG is not out of the question

"Canelo" Alvarez himself in an interview for Azteca Deportes at the end of the fight. "We don't know what could happen." For those who thought that this would be the last crossover of this historic rivalry, they could be wrong. For now, 'Canelo' has a recovery period ahead of him, as in the same interview he revealed that he needs a meniscus cleaning in his knee and surgery on his hand. We will probably see a better version of "Canelo" than the one we have seen in his last two fights, and he knows it himself.

Canelo Alvarez, the only Mexican champion in 4 different divisions

Canelo Alvarez is an athlete who is always looking to reap success and write his name in the history books, which is why, after more than 10 years, he has a unique milestone, as he is the only Mexican who has been a world champion in 4 different divisions. Next Saturday, September 17, he will expose his belt at 168 pounds against Gennady Golovkin, a fight that promises to be very exciting.

In an interview with Rodolfo Vargas, the Mexican champion talked about what it means to have world belts in 4 major divisions, a fact that fills him with happiness because it has been the result of all the effort he has put in over the years. Canelo Alvarez has won titles in the super welterweight, middleweight, super middleweight, and semi-complete divisions. This is an important part of this legend's career that deserves to be brought up.

These are the best KO's in Canelo Alvarez's career

Throughout his entire journey as a professional, Canelo Alvarez boasts a total of 61 disputed fights, where he adds 57 victories, of which 39 have been by way of KO and there is plenty of material to choose from these moments.

Caleb Plant - November 6, 2021

Another of the great KOs of Canelo Alvarez's career took place recently, against Caleb Plant, another opponent in the light heavyweight division, he endured 11 rounds, but not this punishment. He was hit with a powerful uppercut, went to the canvas, and when he stood up he was already in bad shape, so Saul had to catch him, and deal with shrapnel and that's how this chapter ended.

Sergey Kovalev - November 2, 2019

In the light heavyweight division the Mexican boxer got a late but quite showy KO, as he was measured against Kovalev and it was in the 11th round that he ended the battle because, after left and shrapnel of punches, he sent him to the canvas in a resounding way.

Rocky Fielding - December 15, 2018

Another of Canelo Alvarez's recent KO's took place against the British Rocky Fielding, who did not hold much for the Aztec, since in the third round he connected a right hand and sent him to the canvas; he just stood up, connected a hook to the liver and with that ended the fight.

Amir Khan - May 7, 2016

A little more than 7 years ago, Canelo Alvarez faced British Amir Khan, where the Mexican dominated with clarity because after 6 rounds he connected a right hand that knocked him out, ending the fight resoundingly.

James Kirkland - May 9, 2015

One of the most resounding victories of Canelo Alvarez's career was against James Kirkland, an opponent he knocked out in just 3 rounds, as the Mexican hit him with everything, sent him to the canvas on several occasions, and obtained a victory that was to some extent 'simple'.

The beginnings

Canelo Alvarez is the son of Santos Álvarez Barragán and Ana María Barragán Fernández. He has seven siblings: Rigoberto, Ana Elda, Daniel Giovanni, José Ricardo, Gonzalo, Víctor Alfonso, and Juan Ramón. All the male brothers, of which Saul is the youngest, practiced boxing. When he was five years old, the family moved to Juanacatlán. Since then he has worked with his father making popsicles. He didn't like to attend school and in high school, he used to skip classes.

His older brother Rigoberto was his first coach and gave him his first gloves when he was 10 years old. He started boxing at the age of 13 after attending his older brother Rigoberto Alvarez's professional debut. The nickname "Canelo" was given to him by his manager José "Chepo" Reynoso because of the reddish color of his hair. At 16 he started having alcoholism problems after his parent's divorce, a stage that lasted until he was 18.

In 2004, he won the silver medal at the National Youth Championship in Sinaloa. Then she won the gold medal in the 2005 Youth Olympics, held in Tuxtla Gutierrez. In his amateur stage, he achieved a record of 44 victories (12 by KO) and suffered two defeats. One of the great qualities of Canelo is its excellent punch which has made many of its rivals visit the mat.

He made his professional debut on October 29, 2005, in the Chololo Larios Arena in Tonalá, Jalisco, at the age of 15 years and 3 months, facing Abraham González, whom he won by technical knockout. On August 2, 2008, he received the wélter title from the Fedecentro (Latin American Federation of Professional Boxing Commissions), recognized by the World Boxing Association (WBA), by defeating Carlos Adán Jerez.

On January 17, 2009, he knocked out Tony "Mazatleco" Fitch, at the Scotiabank Forum in Mexico City. On February 21, 2009, he knocked out Dominican Euri Gonzalez in Zapopan, Jalisco, winning the WBO Latin Welterweight title. On May 1, 2010, he started at the Golden Boy Promotions against Jose Miguel Cotto winning by technical knockout in the ninth round.

At 20 years and six months old, Saul became the first-ever world champion. On March 5, 2011, he defeated Matthew Hatton by winning the WBC super welterweight belt in combat held at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California becoming the sixth youngest Mexican boxer to be crowned world champion.

He is currently one of the most popular and admired Mexican athletes. There is no doubt that each fight between Saúl Canelo Alvarez is a media phenomenon that raises emotion throughout the country. The fighter who since the age of 15 began to stand out and carve his history is recognized for his boxing quality as well as his charisma, a combination that has earned him the sympathy of his fans, but at the same time the responsibility of giving his all in each encounter.

Canelo Alvarez's curious first childhood nickname

Saul Alvarez is one of the most famous and recognized athletes in the world, but despite this fact, few people know the Mexican's first name, because that is the origin of the first nickname he had before becoming a boxer. Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán, better known as Canelo, is the full name of the Mexican boxer before being 'baptized' this way in the boxing world, he had a first nickname that was not mentioned much, because at an early age he was known as 'Santitos'.

This is Saul Alvarez, a young man.
This is Saul Alvarez, a young man. Credit: Mexsport

According to information from 'Reforma', in his childhood, the local neighbors knew the Mexican champion as Santos, and not so much as Saul, so being a cheerful and energetic child, they chose to call him Santitos, a nickname of affection.

Saul Alvarez was a young man full of enthusiasm, but as a child, he was bullied because of his physical features, as other children made fun of his freckles, in addition to his red hair, so he chose to enter a boxing gym and there he met Jose 'Chepo' Reynoso, who for this very fact decided to call him Canelo.

Now, years after those times and after being called Santitos, Canelo Alvarez will face one of the most important fights of his career, as he will face Gennady Golovkin, a rival with whom he has forged an epic rivalry.

What does Canelo mean in Mexico?

Nicknames in Mexico are not chosen by those they call by those names, but by what others perceive of them, and that is exactly what happened to young Saul Alvarez when he was a child. It was Jose Chepo Reynoso who called the boy who came to train with them Canelito because he was still very young.

It all started when he showed up at the boxing gym when he was 13 years old and the color of his hair immediately unleashed two things, he attracted attention for his complexion and that is why he was known then as Canelito. Being a redhead, the color of cinnamon, which is a common spice for desserts and infusions, is where the nickname of the most notorious Mexican boxer was born.

As he grew up and gained respect, the nickname simply evolved to Canelo, which fed in a good way one of the great traditions in boxing, which is that athletes create an identity by the use of a nickname.

But in the case of the Juanacatlan, a Jalisco native, that nickname accompanied him from the first day he stepped foot in the gym. Before he trained for boxing, Saúl was known as Canelitas among family and friends, but also as Santitos, in allusion to his first name, since his name is Santos Saúl Álvarez Barragán.