Mayweather makes fun of "Canelo" Alvarez

The American boxer, Floyd Mayweather, made fun of Mexican Saúl "Canelo" Álvarez after pointing out that he is a bad negotiator.

Canelo' Álvarez is the King of the ring
Canelo' Álvarez is the King of the ring

Mayweather said that while "Canelo" negotiated eleven fights for a significant amount of money, he, in one night, obtained a millionaire profit.

"If I'm not mistaken, Canelo got a deal of 11 fights for 300 million, right? I got it in one night, in 28 minutes I got everything from his contracts and I did it in one night," said Floyd.

He remembered that in less than an hour he got 650 million dollars, a figure Canelo has never seen.

"I made over 300 million and it only took me one night, one was for 36 minutes and another was for 28 minutes, so, let's say, in one hour I made 650 million," Money told the Fight Hype website.

So far, the "Canelo" has not responded to Floyd Mayweather.

Canelo Álvarez seeks to conquer other markets

Willing to fight outside the United States and in new markets to establish himself as a boxing star, Mexico's Saul "Canelo" Alvarez is still waiting for a date and rival for his next fight, as Billy Joe Saunders was never confirmed.

This was revealed by Golden Boy Promotions President Eric Gomez, who spoke of the four-time Mexican World Champion's upcoming plans. "It's about his brand. He wants to become a more international star, not just fight in the United States, he wants to be bigger than he is now, he has fans all over the world and he wants to take advantage of that.

In statements to Sky Sports, the director of the promoter commented that the tapatío could be presented in places like Japan, Britain, and Mexico, which could happen in the coming years.

He wants to fight abroad and we have talked to him about Japan, return home in Mexico and the United Kingdom, he has considered all those options and, before retiring, he will fight abroad. We were considering the United Kingdom. It can happen in the next two years.

"Let's go for 4x World Champion," said the fighter Canelo
"Let's go for 4x World Champion," said the fighter Canelo

On the other hand, of his next fight that was originally scheduled for May 2 with British champion Billy Joe Saunders, which was never announced and the Covid-19 prevented it from happening, Gomez said it is still a possibility, but there are more options.

"It was being considered, but there is no signed contract, although we were very close to finalizing the details of this fight," added the director, who hopes that the current situation will normalize to negotiate again and "will be one of the names considered, he is talented with a great record and is a champion.

While waiting for the date, venue and rival for his fight, "Canelo" Alvarez trains in San Diego, California; it is not known if he will fight with Saunders, although there are rumors that this fight is no longer an option and that the Mexican will return to the ring in September against Gennady Golovkin.