The wedding industry in Cancun has already recovered 80 percent after the coronavirus pandemic, because before the health emergency there were 100,000 weddings a year and in 2021 there are 20 percent fewer, including other ceremonies.

The Mexican Caribbean is the favorite destination for beach weddings. The outlook is very encouraging, as people are still eager to get married, there were changes in these marriages, but they continue, now weddings are planned with less time and there are fewer guests, but people invest more budget in decoration and experiences before and after the ceremony.

The Green Stoplight will be beneficial for this industry, since the increase of capacity in open spaces will leave more economic revenue in the state, especially in ceremonies where a large number of guests will attend. Being in Green will benefit the industry a lot, in the case of weddings they are looking for outdoor locations, with the capacity given right now, which is 80 percent, more guests will be able to attend.

Hybrid weddings after the pandemic

After the health emergency faced by the country due to COVID-19, the wedding industry had to adapt, so the hybrid format was implemented, which consists of performing the ceremonies with real-time transmission for family members and guests who could not attend. The marriages became a hybrid system, as fewer guests come because of the risk factors in these times or the restrictions of countries so the ceremony is transmitted on digital platforms in order not to leave people aside.

This modality will remain established because, in addition to the technological advances, the coronavirus pandemic will not cease for a long time, so the sector is already preparing with new tools for better video and audio quality. Thinking that this will end is impossible, so this is why the tools for a better transmission are taken into account, now you have to have good internet, audio, video, and links in real-time.

Half of the weddings in the Mexican Caribbean are for foreigners

Foreigners make up 50 percent of the weddings that take place in the Mexican Caribbean, most of them coming from the United States and Latin America or multicultural couples since one of them is Mexican. Half of the weddings registered each year are from foreigners who come to enjoy the Caribbean experience. Americans are the preferred market of choice; most of them come to beach weddings, they like the scenery and invest a lot of money.