A Taste of Campeche's Rich Culinary Traditions

A tour through Campeche's gastronomic landscape is presented in the form of a collection of the region's signature dishes that serve as a gastronomic depiction of the region's traditional cuisine.

A Taste of Campeche's Rich Culinary Traditions
The cuisine of Campeche is a gumbo of influences that draws from the state's varied past. Credit: INAH

A trip through Campeche's food, with a collection of typical dishes to show what traditional food is like. Traditions, knowledge, tastes, and smells have been passed down from one generation to the next, and they will continue to shape the intangible heritage of those who receive them, creating memorable moments and tasty gastronomic anecdotes.

Introduction to the Campeche Cuisine

The Campeche cuisine is a melting pot enriched with all the history of the state. Its memories go back to the food of the Mayas, the arrival of the Spaniards, and the time of the pirates. They also have a lot to do with location.