Bruno Martínez Wing Preparing for International Archery Debut

Archer Bruno Martínez Wing prepares for his international debut at the Pan American Championship with a mix of determination and humility. Guided by Coach Velez, he undergoes intense training, aiming not just for victory but to represent Mexico with dignity and passion on the world stage.

Bruno Martínez Wing Preparing for International Archery Debut
Archer Bruno Martínez Wing trains diligently under Coach Velez's guidance, preparing for his international debut at the Pan American Championship. Credit: CONADE

Willing to play a great role in his international competitive debut, archer Bruno Martínez Wing considered that the men's team of which he is a member has the talent and capabilities to excel in the Pan American Championship of the specialty, a competition to be held from April 10 to 14 in Medellín, Colombia, and which will grant places to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games.

“There will be very strong teams like the United States, Brazil, Colombia and Cuba, but I firmly believe that the biggest rival to beat will be ourselves, our expectations and also the pressure. We have what it takes to achieve our goal,” he said.

The Coahuila native is part of the trident that will launch its best arrows searching to ensuring that Mexico goes with a full team to the great event, since the women obtained their quota last year at the World Championship in Berlin.

“The key to achieve the goal is the team's unity, the confidence we have in each other and, above all, to enjoy what we are doing, because at these levels you have to do the best you can with what you have,” he said.

Under the guidance of experienced coach David Alejandro Velez Sanchez, the 26-year-old archer, along with Matias Grande Kalionchiz and Javier Rojas Lopez, underwent an intense training camp at the National Center for the Development of Sports Talents and High Performance (CNAR), with a view to the pre-Olympic that will only give a place to Paris 2024 to the champion team of the event.

“The preparation at CNAR was tiring and difficult, as we are far from loved ones and home; however, it was very good with a lot of team bonding and practice, which is what gives us strength for the dream we have,” he shared.

“You can expect a version of me that is willing to deliver everything to fulfill a dream. A Bruno Martinez who is giving his heart in the sport he loves. I want to make a good international debut, as this is my first competition at this level in the senior category. My goal is to represent my country with dignity,” he concluded.