Coach Flores Castañeda Builds a Winning Archery Team

Mexico selects a stellar women's archery team for Paris 2024. Led by a seasoned coach and featuring medalists like Alejandra Valencia, they aim to surpass previous Olympic performances.

Coach Flores Castañeda Builds a Winning Archery Team
Coach Miguel Ángel Flores Castañeda observes the archery team selections with a focused expression. Credit: CONADE

Once the National Archery Team was completed heading to the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, the coach of the women's branch, Miguel Ángel Flores Castañeda, expressed satisfaction with the level shown by all the participants, as well as with the stellar team that he will look for. Get on the podium during the summer fair.

In an interview with the National Commission of Physical Culture and Sports (CONADE), the coach who has qualified the entire team for the great event uninterruptedly since London 2012, made an assessment of the arduous competitions and electrifying duels carried out by the 12 best national exponents of this discipline in its recurve mode.

“It was a very extensive and strong event with a lot of competitiveness, something that gives us great pleasure because it was until the last game that we were clear about who was going to be selected. This tells us about the good work that has been done in all the states of the country, and gives us the peace of mind of knowing that we have the best team to represent us in Paris 2024,” he assured.

In the women's branch, Mexico will be represented by the bronze winner in Tokyo 2020 and current runner-up in the world, Alejandra Valencia Trujillo; the Olympian and Pan American monarch in 2022, Ana Paula Vázquez Flores; the emerging star of just 17 years of age and international medalist, Ángela Ruiz Rosales.

“The great objective is to improve what has been done in previous editions, and we are going to look for that Olympic medal in any of the events: individual, teams and mixed teams. We will work to be strong in all categories. We will prepare 100% and give our best effort, both athletes, coaches and technical area so that this team is one of the best representatives of the nation in the next Olympic Games,” he explained.

“We will present a great team, because Ana Paula already has Olympic experience, Ángela had a great season last year, and there is no doubt about the enormous quality of Alejandra, who has already established herself as the best. “It is a team that integrates quite well and is united, so I think that with everyone's work we can achieve a good result,” he added.

Under the guidance of Flores Castañeda, who took the reins from the Guadalajara 2011 Pan American Games, the three talented archers will concentrate throughout the year at the National Center for the Development of Sports Talents and High Performance (CNAR), a complex belonging to CONADE. , and to which the coach gave great value to have an athlete at his highest level.

“We will remain concentrated here in the CNAR facilities, which is the best place to carry out our preparation, since we have all the facilities: the multidisciplinary medical team, as well as the availability and all possible support. For an athlete to reach the highest level, there is a world of people behind them in all areas,” he agreed.

“To arrive in the best condition at the Olympic Games, where we are going to compete against the best in the world, we cannot do everything on our own. CONADE is a great institution that has always supported us, and having that trust gives us the power to focus on our work and know that everything else will work well thanks to this support,” he concluded.