BMW will launch 25 models of electric cars for 2023


BMW announced that it will have 25 models of electric or hybrid cars operating on the highways by the year 2023, two years before the commitment marked at the outset.

BMW upcoming i4 electric car. Image: BMW
BMW upcoming i4 electric car. Image: BMW

This was confirmed by the company during an event in Munich, Germany, where they gave some details of how they plan to meet this objective.

The company has given speed to this process with the aim of convincing its investors.

The plan to launch 25 cars sooner than expected is to make it clear that BMW can compete with other carmakers in this field. According to the data, more than half of the new cars are going to be completely electric.

Plans in the future of BMW include the launch of the iX3, its first electric SUV, as well as its electric Mini Cooper. Both models will be available from the following year.

The company also has an electric motorbike concept known as Motorrad Vision DC Roadster, which uses the company's Boxer engine, although it is not known if it will soon reach the market.

BMW has a plan to generate modular production lines that would make it possible to adapt to customer demand. The same chassis of a vehicle would be able to accept an electric propulsion system, hybrid or gasoline.

By Agencies

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