Coahuila wines compete with the best in the world to enter the U.S. market

Mexican wineries from Coahuila have joined forces to enter the U.S. market in a common front, uniting strengths to compete with the best wines in the world, backed by international awards and medals for the quality and exquisiteness of their flavors.

Coahuila wines compete with the best in the world to enter the U.S. market
Exceptional wine. Image by Lori Lo from Pixabay

Coahuila wineries joined forces to enter the U.S. market on a common front and joining strengths to compete with the best wines in the world. With the support of international awards and medals for the quality and exquisiteness of their flavors, Coahuila wines take another step forward in their competitive consolidation and enter the export market in Texas, first, and then Florida, New York, and Canada.

The wineries Hacienda Florida, Hacienda El Marqués, and El Fortín will export 4 thousand bottles together and expect to be positioned by December of this year. The labels that will enter the new market are Cabernet, Malbec, Shiraz, and Monovarietal, among others, and there is full confidence that they will be well received since through sampling, fairs, and tastings the Americans and Mexicans living in the neighboring country have learned about the exquisite flavor of the wines of our entity and that they enjoy international quality.

From Mexico, the Casa Madero winery from Parras de la Fuente and wineries from Baja California are already in that market; however, there is a great opportunity niche. To measure the market Coahuila wines are entering, in Texas alone, almost 73 million gallons of wine are consumed per year, compared to the 26 million gallons consumed in Mexico as a whole.

Highlighting the quality of Mexican labels that have obtained international distinctions and the competitive advantages of Coahuila due to its geographic proximity to the United States, these three Coahuila companies are starting out, but they hope that more can join to strengthen the cluster they have forged and that allows them to work as a team to make volume purchases, share technology, maquila, etc., and this alliance makes them stronger to compete abroad.

For the Secretary of Tourism and Development of Magical Towns of the State, Azucena Ramos Ramos, the decision to enter the U.S. market and compete with the best wines in the world reflects the high quality of our Coahuilan wines, the ability to organize and generate strategic alliances on the part of entrepreneurs, as well as their vision of business expansion.

"Governor Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís is betting on the growth of the tourism industry in Coahuila because of the economic capital it represents, both in terms of revenue and the thousands of jobs generated by the sector; Wine Tourism is one of the greatest strengths in tourism in our state," he said. Coahuila is the cradle of wine in Latin America and these actions enrich the 420 years of enological history of the state.

"For Coahuilenses and for Mexicans, it is a source of pride that the wines produced in the state are known and enjoyed in a market as hard-fought as the United States; I congratulate businessmen Salomón Abedrop, Fernando Madero, and Jesús María Ramón for putting our state and country on a high level." "I am sure that their expansion project will be as successful as their warehouses here in Coahuila," said Ramos Ramos.

Positive year-end

On the other hand, the businessmen considered that they will close 2021 in a positive way and with more optimism than in 2020, the year of the beginning of the pandemic. Salomón Abedrop shared that there was a very good grape harvest and that they increased production, concluding the year with a production of 9 thousand cases.

He recognized the Wines & Dinos Route as a detonator of Wine Tourism and that the wineries, such as Hacienda Florida, receive a greater flow of visitors, even that they have opened a restaurant to offer a complete service and have a better positioning in the market.

For his part, Fernando Madero informed that Hacienda El Marqués will end 2021 with a production of 50,000 bottles destined for the domestic market and an increase in the number of visitors to its vineyards. He highlighted Governor Miguel Riquelme's support for the Wines & Dinos Route and the seven Magical Towns of Coahuila. "With great vision, wisdom, and professionalism they faced these times of crisis, and this route was strengthened as an opportunity for tourism," he said.

While the businessman Jesús María Ramón mentioned that they hope that this project will be the first of many shipments in the future. He specified that El Fortín will be participating in a single label for the time being, and later will do so with others produced in its vineyards. He explained that the winery will close in 2021 with a production of 30,000 to 35,000 bottles of wine.