Mexican baseball beats MX League assists


During the 2019 seasons of the Mexican Baseball League and the Mexican Pacific League, the two most important baseball circuits in Mexico, both leagues recorded a total attendance of 8'911,290 people, exceeding by 589,910 visitors to the MX League, the most popular sports circuit in the country.

Mexican baseball outperforms the MX League in assists
Mexican baseball outperforms the MX League in assists

Adding the two championships of the year, the 2019 Clausura and the 2019 Apertura, the MX League totaled 8'323,754 attendees in its different stadiums. It should be noted that in the Apertura, the tournament held in the second half of the year, attendances had a notable improvement over the Clausura by increasing 12.2 percent in the regular tournament, while in the Liguilla they did so by 19.8 percent.

However, the LMB again surpassed the four million assistants in the regular role after in 2018, with the division of the season into two tournaments, they were left with just under 3.8 million people, representing a 20 percent increase. This is the third time since records began, according to MLB, that the Mexican League has exceeded 4 million after achieving this in 2016 and 2017.

The team with the highest attendance was the Toros de Tijuana with 667,464 fans.

After great efforts in infrastructure and with a smaller schedule, the teams of the Mexican Pacific League for the first time in history surpassed the three million attendance during the regular season.

For the fifth consecutive year, Tomateros de Culiacan was the leader in the MSL, bringing in 494,75 people, closely followed by Naranjeros de Hermosillo, an organization that saw 487,07 people cross the finish line.

It is interesting to note that Piratas de Campeche, the team with the lowest attendance in the five months of the LMB's regular role, surpassed Lobos BUAP, the team with the lowest attendance in the MX League playing almost the same amount of time.

Two of the great advantages that the "King of Sports" has to get these numbers is the number of games involved in a regular season, 120 in the case of LMB and 68 in the case of LMP, unlike the 35 combined that the MX League teams had between the two tournaments.

In addition, the final series is defined with a series to win 4 out of 7 possible games, while a playoff in Mexican soccer only consists of two games: roundtrip.

By Mexicanist