Julio Urias, the best Mexican pitcher in MLB at midseason


Julio Urias is the best, not only because of his numbers but also because of the prominence he enjoys with the Dodgers, current champions of the circuit. The Mexican right now is the maximum winner in terms of pitching with 11 wins, tied with Kyle Hendricks of the Cubs. On the season, El Culichi has a 3.64 ERA, has a total of 119 strikeouts, and has allowed only three home runs.

Víctor González, also with the Dodgers, has had great afternoons with the Californian ninth as a relief pitcher. He has three wins and one loss, with 26 strikeouts included in his statistics. Another Mexican pitcher with a winning record in the 2021 season is Giovanny Gallegos, who has participated in seven games, of which he has been successful in five. The Obregonense has thrown 53 chocolates with an ERA of 2.78.

Luis Cessa, from Veracruz, of the Yankees, also manages positive dividends in the season, because although he has only participated in three occasions in the campaign, in two of them he triumphed, in these encounters he registered a total of 30 strikeouts. With the Oakland Athletics, Sergio Romo has participated as a reliever in 36 games, where he has given away 32 strikeouts for a 4.22 ERA.

However, not everyone has had the good fortune of his other countrymen, since also on the mound, the experienced Joakim Soria has experienced bitter moments with the Arizona DBacks. The Mexican has taken the mound on four occasions, leaving with a loss on his shoulders on three of them. Meanwhile, Óliver Pérez has only taken the field once and unfortunately failed in his attempt, as he lost to Cincinnati.

On the other hand, the Urías brothers, Ramón and Luis, have had good numbers with the bat, the former has hit 28 times, towing 14 runs, while the latter has 67 hits and 42 runs batted in. The good pace of the Boston Red Sox is also reflected in the excellent numbers of Alex Verdugo, who has hit 88 times to drive in 35 runs. In addition, the Tucson native, who holds a Mexican passport, has nine hits.

Source: AS