Atlantis' 40-Year Wrestling Journey Celebrated with Joyful Mass

Get ready for an action-packed showdown as Mexican wrestling legend Atlantis celebrates an incredible 40-year career. With tears of joy and a mass at the Basilica of Guadalupe, fans showered him with love.

Atlantis' 40-Year Wrestling Journey Celebrated with Joyful Mass
Atlantis and Atlantis Jr. gear up for an epic showdown against fierce opponents, ready for their celebratory match at Arena Mexico. Credit: Atlantis CMLL

Atlantis, the beloved Mexican wrestling icon, recently celebrated an astonishing 40-year career by attending a mass at the esteemed Basilica of Guadalupe. The emotion-filled occasion left Atlantis with tears of joy, which only multiplied when he exited the church and was met with resounding applause, cheers, and heartfelt embraces from his adoring fans. Accompanied by his son, Junior, Atlantis embarked on a Turibus tour before his customary visit to the Virgin of Guadalupe—a tradition he upholds every five years.

As the bus traversed through the city streets, Atlantis graciously acknowledged his loyal supporters, who eagerly lined the route to catch a glimpse of their wrestling idol. Memories flooded back as he reminisced about his humble beginnings in the world of wrestling. Approximately 500 meters before reaching the Basilica, the bus made an unexpected stop. Seizing the moment, Atlantis and his son disembarked and made their way to the revered Guadalupana site.

The culmination of this extraordinary celebration will take place this Friday on the hallowed grounds of Arena Mexico. Atlantis, along with Octagon and Atlantis Jr., will join forces in a stellar wrestling match against the formidable trio of Fuerza Guerrera, Último Guerrero, and Averno. These fierce opponents are determined to rain on Atlantis' parade, but the seasoned legend remains steadfast, ready to put on a show for his devoted fans.