There is opportunity for Mexico in artificial intelligence: Microsoft

If Mexico invests in the development of artificial intelligence (AI), its GDP could grow four percent annually, said Enrique Perezyera, director of Microsoft Mexico, when he inaugurated a new artificial intelligence laboratory donated by the company to the Engineering Faculty of the National Autonomous University of Mexico.

World Study Locates Mexico with Potential to Develop Artificial Intelligence. Image: Pixabay
World Study Locates Mexico with Potential to Develop Artificial Intelligence. Image: Pixabay

According to the Oxford Insights study, Mexico ranks 22nd out of 35 countries that are truly prepared for AI adoption and Mexican citizens recognize the potential in social applications in sectors such as health and education, areas that, if they improve their processes, would help up to 80 percent of Mexicans with lower incomes, according to Microsoft.

Perezyera commented that countries that in the past have adopted early technology development, such as the steam engine or electricity, had positive impacts on their economic growth for decades and that this is a possibility for Mexico with IA.

Orlando Saldivar, head of the Electrical Engineering Division of the School of Engineering of the house of studies, said artificial intelligence defines the times and that in the near future many of the activities of society and individuals will revolve around it.

He explained that UNAM already teaches and generates knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence, in addition to developing research projects, but in collaboration with technology companies.

At the inauguration of the laboratory, which had an investment of 1.5 million pesos, Ramiro Luz, director of the Linkedin site for Latin America, said that in Mexico there are about three thousand 800 professionals with knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence.

He added that the sectors of the economy that require more specialists in the field are: finance, telecommunications and software, Internet, marketing and advertising, programming, information technology, and the automotive sector.

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