AMLO Shuffles Away Slander and Celebrates Cats

AMLO's Morning Conference: historical reflections on Madero, media mischief, wildlife care, democracy promotion, DEA drama, judicial jousting, and a Colosio murder twist.

AMLO Shuffles Away Slander and Celebrates Cats
A photo of AMLO at his Wednesday morning press conference, standing behind a podium with the Mexican flag in the background. Credit: Andrés Manuel López Obrador

The National Palace buzzed with the usual Wednesday morning energy as President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) held his press conference. Today's agenda was a mixture of hot topics, seasoned with a dash of AMLO's signature wit and historical references.

Madero's Ghost Haunts the Press Box:

AMLO kicked things off by channeling Francisco I. Madero, the revolutionary president who faced a barrage of negative press during his time. He likened the current media landscape to Madero's era, claiming his administration is similarly under siege by “dishonest journalists” financed by the “old regime.” He even dropped a bombshell, alleging a multi-million peso contract between a prominent journalist and Madero's enemies.