American shot in Playa del Carmen's hotel zone

A man who was visiting from Texas in the United States was killed by gunfire in the hotel zone of Playa del Carmen while he was there.

American shot in Playa del Carmen's hotel zone
In the Playa del Carmen hotel district, an American was shot. Photo by Alisa Matthews / Unsplash

A man, originally from Texas, the United States, was shot while he was in the hotel zone of Playa del Carmen. Two men were arrested as alleged perpetrators of the crime.

Earlier, during the early morning hours, two catamaran-type boats were set on fire, apparently intentionally, in the exclusive area of Puerto Aventura, in the same city.

The first versions indicate that around 5:00 p.m., unknown people fired several shots at the victim, who was on 1st Avenue at the intersection with 12th Street North, although it is also said that the incident took place at the "Tequila Barrel" bar.

From the attack, the visitor registered wounds to the height of the rib, two to the height of one side of the left shoulder blade, as well as two impacts under the left shoulder in the rear part, and another at the height of the left wrist, so he was transferred to the General Hospital of Playa del Carmen.

Kevin Osvaldo N, who was 38 years old and from Texas, was identified as the victim. He was said to be in the area on vacation.

After the attack, two subjects were detained, transferred, and placed at the disposal of the State Attorney General's Office.