Will Smith surprises with video singing 'Bad Boys' in ranchera

Will Smith visited the municipality of Yautepec, in the central Mexican state of Morelos, where he is working on a new film project.

The protagonist of the film 'Bad Boys', Will Smith, did not miss the opportunity to sing with a mariachi the popular song of the film.

Will Smith shocks with video singing 'Bad Boys' in ranchera
Will Smith shocks with video singing 'Bad Boys' in ranchera

The American actor, Will Smith, surprised his followers on social networks by sharing a video singing the official song of his new film "Bad Boys", but in a Mexican version.

The actor was on the Latin show, Despierta América, promoting the film with actor Martin Lawrence. That's why he took advantage of the fact that there were also some mariachis invited to perform a rather particular version of the film's main theme.


The Hollywood actor is known for his closeness to the Latino culture, to the point that he speaks a little Spanish.

The video he posted on his Instagram account (@WillSmith) quickly accumulated thousands of likes and comments where they highlighted the following:

@shakibecca: "I loved it! Awww!!! @despiertamerica"

@Rudybundini: "Omg I'll do it when I go out dancing I don't know any lyrics, but the only words I know scream so loud that everyone knows I'm connected to the song 🤓😂🤷🏻♂"

@MarMarroquin: "I love Will Smiiiith I love that he speaks Spanish I love the bad boy song itself, I love everything about Will Smith, you made my night, thank you my Ladyyy"

@elizabeth.arzola6 @vitimc92: "this is the only movie I'd go to the movies to see ajajajaja"

Actor Will Smith surprises the Mexican community

Will Smith visited the municipality of Yautepec, in the central Mexican state of Morelos, next door to Mexico City, where he is working on a new film project.

Smith, twice nominated for Oscar Award ("Ali" in 2001, and "The Pursuit of Happiness" in 2006) and four Grammy Awards to his credit for his musical career, descended from a helicopter on a soccer field in the cited municipality. The descent of the aircraft was witnessed by a score of people, who realized the presence of the actor, 50 years, were surprised.

Upon realizing the presence of the public, Smith postponed for a moment his ascent to the vehicle waiting for his transfer and approached the fence that limited the sports field to sign autographs and take pictures with several people.

According to local media, the presence of the movie star in Mexico is due to come to finalize some details about the filming of the movie "Bad Boys For Life", a sequel to "Bad Boys" (1995) and Bad Boys II (2003).

In turn, the Secretary of Tourism of Morelos indicated in a bulletin that Smith recorded scenes for the third part of the saga "Bad Boys" in Hacienda de Oacalco.

The director-general of the Film Commission in the state, Alicia Castillo Baraya, quoted in the statement, said that originally a single scene would be recorded in the Hacienda de Oacalco; however, due to the quality and conditions of the place, it was extended to three scenes with the popular American actor.

Smith retains in Hollywood and before his many followers around the world the youthful image of an extrovert and naughty type that enjoys fame as if it were a children's game.

The actor married in 1997 with the actress Jada Pinkett Smith, with whom he forms one of the most influential and respected couples in Hollywood. Both refused to attend the Oscars ceremony in 2016 in protest of the lack of black actors among the candidates for the Hollywood Academy's acting awards.

They have two children who have already taken their first steps in the world of cinema at the hand of his father: Jaden Smith, co-star of "The Pursuit of Happiness"; and also to Willow Smith, who appeared in "I Am Legend" (2007).

Smith waits on May 24, when he will premiere the movie "Aladdin", where he plays the "Genius".

Will Smith and Martin Lawrence celebrate the end of the filming of Bad Boys 3 in Mexico

They had their party in the State of Mexico, where all the happy holidays end. As you can see at the bottom of the image, the actors finished filming in the State of Mexico, the most dangerous place in the world and where all the good holidays of the country end, although not always in a positive way. The scenes were filmed in Naucalpan.

In his Instagram account, Smith shared a video in which we see him on the roof of a building before boarding a helicopter to shoot the last scene of the film. Go and see the comments, they are a spectacle. My favorite is "I love Black beautiful".