Acapulco: A Fun Place for the Easter Vacation

The port of Acapulco awaits you with more than 17 beaches ready to offer you the best this Easter vacation.

Acapulco: A Fun Place for the Easter Vacation
Acapulco Beaches, Sports and Gastronomy during Easter. Photo by Andrés Montes De Oca / Unsplash

Prepare your suitcases for this Easter Week, because Acapulco with its good weather awaits you with more than 20 kilometers of beaches from Barra Vieja to Pie de la Cuesta. To this fun of the Easter vacations in Acapulco add the fun in water sports and extreme sports as well as gastronomy.

Acapulco offers diversity in its beaches where you will find areas with high waves ideal for surfing and calm waters for swimming with the family, especially when traveling with children and there are also areas for diving. On more than 17 beaches located in Acapulco Diamante, Dorado, and Tradicional you can visit and throw in the towel to get a good tan.

In the Diamante zone, the most visited beaches by tourists, locals, and lovers of extreme sports such as surfing are Barra Vieja, Playa Bonfil, San Vicente, and Revolcadero. In this area, you only have to be careful when the waves are high because it is an open sea, however, during your stay, you can appreciate the sunset and release turtles in authorized camps, but also enjoy the rich cuisine such as traditional fish carving, shrimp and fish strips.

The tourist sites of Acapulco Diamante have become fashionable for tourists with higher purchasing power during weekends and vacation periods. Yes, in Playa Bonfil, besides enjoying the sun and the sea, you can rent bicycles with your family at AcaBike, which is located at the edge of the boulevard, and take a rolling tour until you reach the Papagayo River. The cost to ride in this Diamond Zone ranges from 950 pesos for children to 2,000 pesos for adults.

In the afternoons, besides watching the sunset and taking pictures, you can also rent a board to surf the challenging waves of this area. Other beaches you can visit in Acapulco Diamante are Playa Princess and Revolcadero. Also in Puerto Marques, near the sports field, you will find tourist service providers to rent a boat and take you to Pichilingue beach. It is a small beach but with calm, clean waters, and here the river fishermen offer you fresh seafood, recently taken from the sea.

Also in this town of Puerto Marques is Majahua beach, ideal for swimming with children and here you can practice water sports and it offers a variety of fresh seafood. In the Golden Zone of Acapulco, there are even more crowded beaches such as Icacos, which has a strip of sand certified with a Blue Flag for being clean. In addition to the Condesa beach, here is more visited by the Lesbian-Gay community tourism and they have even installed a flag with their colors.

Other of the most popular beaches are Morro, Cici, Papagayo, Tamarindo, Playa Hornos, Playa Suave and in Acapulco Tradicional are the even more visited Caleta-Caletilla. Another very quiet and special beach for diving, is the Isla de la Roqueta, where you can also go hiking.

And in Pie de la Cuesta along this tourist area with high waves, you can also enjoy a lot during these Easter vacations and even some lodges will provide you with the facilities to camp and light a campfire. You can practice water sports in the Coyuca de Benitez Lagoon such as water skiing and kayaking.

In the bay of Acapulco, during this Easter vacation, you can practice water activities such as Skimboard and Stand Up Paddle Board, where the calm waters of the bay are perfect to practice them. Stand Up Paddle Board, you can do it with the family very early in the morning when the seawater is calm since this discipline requires a longer and wider board, similar to the one used in surfing.