5 Popular Hobbies in Modern Mexico – What Mexicans Do with Their Spare Time in 2023?

5 Popular Hobbies in Modern Mexico – What Mexicans Do with Their Spare Time in 2023?

Mexico has a huge population well over 100 million people. It is also a very popular tourist destination and known for many aspects of culture, from food to mariachi music and huge events like the Día de los Muertos or “Day of the Dead” which has become widely known all over the world.

Mexico has such a rich history full of ancient civilizations, but in the modern age, what are some of the things that Mexicans like to do in their spare time? Let’s explore.

Online Gambling

Gambling regulations and laws have changed a lot. Regulations were altered as recently as 2016 and according to some sources, the market will continue to grow at a very quick rate in coming years. The Mexico Gambling Market is forecast for growth of CAGR of 22.9% during 2020-2026 according.

In-person casinos have been popular in Mexico for several decades and are a tourist attraction and something the locals enjoy. Nowadays, more people are starting to engage in online casino gambling thanks to the rise in smartphones and reliable internet connections all over the country.

At this current moment in time, the Mexican economy is also on the rise, which leads to people having more disposable income, better devices to access online casinos, and generally more popular online gambling.


Mexico is known for its huge travel and tourism industry within the country, and according to some studies, around 42% of Mexicans enjoy traveling either throughout the country or elsewhere around the continent.

Mexico is well-connected, with some affordable flights to other parts of North and Central America. On top of that, the large country sees a lot of people traveling within the country’s borders.

For example, if somebody lives and works in Mexico City, they are over 180 km from the nearest beach. Mexico is known for stunning beaches so plenty of people travel to the coast in their vacation time.

Video Gaming

Another hobby that links very closely with the advancement in technology and the fact that even rural areas in Mexico are gaining access to more tech.

The same study that found 42% of Mexicans to be fans of travel also found that 37% love video gaming in some form. 8.4 million Mexican gamers have taken part in some eSports tournaments with more millions watching and streaming the same events.

Video games are big business all over the world, but with the option to play even the most modern games online, more Mexicans are turning to console and PC gaming. A projected market volume of US$2,655.00 million by 2027 shows just what a huge industry gaming is in the country. Online games, mobile games, and a variety of console games are all growing in terms of revenue generated every single year.

Sports and Outdoor Activities

The stunning country offers so many opportunities for outdoor activities. From ski resorts and Mexican mountains to climbing through tennis courts and soccer pitches, Mexico has many opportunities to get involved with outdoor activities.

Soccer is still by far the most popular sport in Mexico. The national team is a mainstay of a lot of international tournaments including World Cups. Boxing is also huge in modern Mexico, as are some of the other fighting sports. Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez is an icon in the country and is arguably the greatest boxer to come out of the country.

In the modern global civilization, we all live in, other sports are also growing, especially those from bordering countries. American sports like baseball and basketball are also becoming much more popular in the 2020s.

Pet Ownership and Pet Activities

It has been hard to track pet ownership historically, but modern statistics suggest that pet ownership and all of the related activities are becoming much more popular.

In some questionnaires, 64% of Mexicans said they owned a dog and around 24% had cats. A study regarding pet food in the country also showed that between the years 2016 and 2021, the population of pets rose from 24.7 million to 32.2 million.

Some dog breeds originate in Mexico that are known all over the world. There are tens of thousands of Chihuahuas around the US, the UK, and other countries.

The Bottom Line

With a growing population and economy (already one of the largest 20 economies in the world) there are more options for Mexicans with their hobbies than there ever have been. The growth in technology brings more potential hobbies to Mexican fingertips.

Mexicans are incredibly diverse and among the many millions in the population, there are countless hobbies. Sports, video gaming, travel, pets, and online gambling are just some examples of common activities enjoyed by the Mexican population.