10 Things You Didn't Know About Mezcal

Mexico's king of spirits, mezcal, boasts artisanal craft, wild agave luxury, and surprising connections — beatnik writers, hangover-free claims, and even an agave building material! Discover its history, secrets, and why it's toasting tables worldwide.

10 Things You Didn't Know About Mezcal
Beneath the watchful gaze of the Mexican moon, mezcal comes alive. Crafted manually from 100% agave, this artisanal spirit whispers tales of tradition and wild agave.

Mezcal is living its moment. At first, it was less appreciated, but now nobody doubts it, this distillate is the king of Mexican liquors, just as tequila was in its time. More and more tables are toasted with mezcal, meals are accompanied by it and at meetings there is always at least one bottle of this drink. So that you don't get overwhelmed during these times, or on the contrary, so that you do, here are 10 curious facts about this noble liquid:

Mezcal and mescaline?

Many people think that mezcal is somehow related to mezcaline. No, they only share similarity in name but are not derived from each other. Mezcal is produced from agave (good mezcal is 100% agave) while mezcaline is obtained from peyote.