How does the zombie drug Burundanga affect the human body?

Because of the violent and unpredictable behavior, it inspires in its users, the chemical substance burundanga has earned the nickname "zombie drug".

How does the zombie drug Burundanga affect the human body?
Alert for the use of the drug "Burundanga" in night clubs in Guadalajara. Credit: Foro_TV

Burundanga is a chemical that is taken from a plant called Datura Stramonium. Because of how it makes people feel, it is called the "zombie drug", and criminals usually use it to commit crimes like robbery or sexual assault.

Burundanga's real name is scopolamine, which is an antimuscarinic drug that helps block the effects of a natural substance in the central nervous system. However, if it is given to someone incorrectly, it can weaken their will and memory.

When this part is taken from the seeds of the Datura Stramonium plant, the "zombie drug" is made. The seeds contain two alkaloids, scopolamine, which is then mixed with other chemicals to make burundanga.

The effects of Burundanga drug

Burundanga is used to committing a wide range of crimes because it affects the body. It makes a person lose consciousness, lose their will, and forget things quickly. Experts say that these are the most common side effects of this drug:

Loss of will but not consciousness
Blurred vision
Urinary retention
Speech difficulty

Burundanga's first physical signs are a dry mouth, reddening of the skin, dilated pupils that don't react quickly to light, blurred vision, and slurred speech. In high doses, the "zombie drug" can even cause death or, at the very least, seizures, irregular heartbeats, and a collapse of the blood vessels.

How to avoid being drugged by Burundanga

Today, getting the so-called "zombie drug" is so easy that it can be done through social networks. Because of this, the government has warned about the rise of crimes involving this drug.

This drug can be found in food and drinks, but it can also be absorbed through the skin, like in some seals that are used to get into places. Some suggestions to keep from getting drunk on burundanga are:

Do not lose sight of or share our glass.
Do not receive substances that we do not know or from unknown persons.
Do not share or receive cigarettes from strangers.

Burundanga's parts only stay in the blood or urine for 6 to 12 hours, so even with clinical testing, it is often hard to find.