Zacatecas plunges into violence; 18 killed, 10 bodies strewn on streets

Zacatecas plunges into violence; 18 killed, 10 bodies strewn on streets
Violence engulfs Zacatecas; 18 killed; 10 bodies strewn on the streets. Photo by David von Diemar / Unsplash

A wave of violence unleashed last week and left 18 people murdered in three events; in one of the cases, ten bodies were scattered in the streets of this Zacatecan municipality. In the first case, ten people were murdered and their bodies scattered on the main street of the community of Pardillo III, in the municipality of Fresnillo.

Emergency systems received calls from residents alerting them to the presence of armed men, who threw the bodies of the victims in all-terrain vehicles, with a distance of between five and ten meters between each body. Later, emergency personnel confirmed the death of the victims, whose bodies showed signs of torture.

However, the Institute of Forensic Sciences will be the one to detail the death and identity of the victims. The place was guarded by the National Guard and the Army, in addition to the state police and agents of the Investigation Police, who are guarding the forensic elements, who are carrying out the first investigations.

The event caused fear among the villagers, who took refuge in their homes, leaving the town as a ghost town. The Secretariat of Public Security, through its virtual spokesperson, confirmed the multiple homicides on social networks. In a second incident, six people were found dead in a warehouse between the communities of San Pablo and Santa Elena in the municipality of Pánfilo Natera, adjacent to San Luis Potosí.

Although the identity of the victims was unknown at the time of going to press, it was reported that they were found hanging from a railing of the building. The place remains heavily guarded by the Army and National Guard, in addition to state and investigative police. In the last case, two other men were killed in the metropolitan area in armed attacks.

Governor David Monreal asserted that he instructed the State Peace Building Table to clarify all violent acts perpetrated in the state. "We will not stop working until we recover the tranquility and social peace that the people of Zacatecas yearn for," he said on his Twitter account.

"We received the state in the worst climate of insecurity in history and I made a commitment to the people of Zacatecas to recover peace and tranquility," he added on the subject in a video message on Facebook. He admitted that actions against organized crime have generated an escalation of violence.

"As part of these efforts, in conjunction with the federal executive, we have designed Plan Zacatecas II, which has been successful in reducing crime but has also generated an escalation in violence due to clashes between organized crime groups that, unfortunately, has caused human losses, such as those that took place early this morning in the municipalities of Fresnillo and Pánfilo Natera.